Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cutting the Grass with Dad

The infamous mower...every mom of a boy looks at this mower in the store and imagines the good times that her son will have someday with Dad mowing the lawn. How he will copy every move and turn that big Dad does. With a big smile on her face she brings the bubble mower home and excitedly gives it to her 1 year old. HA! Like a one year old knows what to do with that! Well, eventually a few years later it becomes the very memory that she dreamed of years ago.

Tonight Mike wanted Logan to help mow the lawn. Logan very much enjoys tinkering and working on things with his Dad...great quality time that I love to watch. So tonight as I was sitting on our deck watching the two boys (Dad and Logan) mow the back yard, it was hilarious to watch how Logan copied every move that Mike made! Every turn Mike did, Logan would turn no matter where he was in the lawn. He even one time shouted to Mike "I need gas!" and they pretended to fill Logan's lawn mower up and then pretended to pull the string to start it. I know these moments Logan may not remember, but they fill our tanks as parents and keep us motivated to be the example that we want our boys to follow. To turn and listen to our direction, to have confidence to "refuel" with our help, and to create a relationship that trusts each other even during a very loud lawn mowing experience. These pictures were priceless to me and I had to share them. I did take a video but it is on our Video Camera and I have yet to learn how to get it off.
Have any of you mothers bought a lawn mower or some other toy to create memories together?

If you look closely at this picture, I swear they are making the same face. I love to see Mike in Logan:-)


Molly said...

LOVE THIS!!!! We have a mower like that for Jack. Every time Jack plays with it, he says "I'm mowing the lawn just like daddy" it's so cute. We have a crap real mower, so we can't let Jack mow along with Tom because random stuff will shoot out of the big one. ha ha. Logan looks so much like Mike!

Joey&Casey said...

I think those pictures are adorable and I loved hearing about Logan copying Mike so carefully! Logan is such a sweetie! I wonder if Daisy will want a lawn mower to copy daddy or a vaccume to copy mommy? hhehe

Geek Squad said...

PERFECT This is great Elissa. Elle just got her American Girl doll. Many memories to come. AND she starts dance next week. :)

Big Fat Mama said...

SO cute!!