Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Similar Yet Different

Even though this is my third pregnancy, and I feel like it's no big deal, I am so impressed with how different it is! I already feel about 4 months pregnant and probably look it with all the food I have been eating. You know that stereotypical pregnant woman who eats 24/7...yup that's me. Instead of having Mike go to the store at midnight, I ask him to go downstairs and get me a Nutrigrain bar or something. Luckily I haven't been craving any sweets...yup...I have even turned down chocolate ice cream. My parents both know that would never happen:-) It is mostly fruits and salty things. I have downed several Ramen noodles (which actually sound really good right now) and a bag of Baked Doritos. I am really trying to portion or spread out how much I eat because after working so hard to loose Austin's weight I really don't want to gain it all back! Plus, another huge thing (no pun intended) is that my hubs will be returning when I am about 9 months preggo and I don't want to be any fatter than I need to be.

Now don't get me wrong...I am not one of those gals who freaks over every pound. I know that every inch put on is, or can be, a sacrifice for this little blessing inside me. I just don't want to overdo it. Anyways, I was nauseous with the other two boys and am also with this one...all day kind of stuff. I know that eating can help it, but I can't eat all day! HA! Logan is still a riot about the "baby in mommy's belly" and has gently talked to it several times. I even asked him how big mommy was going to get and he didn't make it seem too bad:-) What a goof! I can't wait to see what a big brother and help he will be with this one.

Some fun things I will be getting with this little one:
1-a new maternity sleeping pillow. I have already picked mine out (after the "mini" one has been worn out with the past two pregnancies) It is huge and that is ok since Mike won't be in the bed for the most of it!
2-hopefully a really nice new rocker/glider. I really want one that looks like a regular chair, not a rocking chair, but after seeing the prices...NO WAY! Unless I find a cheap on on craigslist or something
3-we will have to get a few new or hopefully gently used baby gear items. For example a new car seat and swing.

What were some fun items you received with your second or third pregnancy? Where their any wives tales (like craving sweets or salts) that came true for you?


Kelly said...

Just wait until Logan tries to lift up your shirt in public to show off his new baby! That's a real treat!

Oh, and with this pregnancy (my third) there is one word that sums it up...


Laura Bora said...

Well I can't answer about second or third yet, but I can say YAY! for this post :)! What kind of pillow are you going to get? SO excited for you! Love what Kelly said, can't wait to hear more "Loganisms" from your pregnancy!

Joey&Casey said...

I think you looked fabulous Elissa and I always thought you lost your weight fast and looked amazing after you had your boys...but, I know looking at yourself is probably different than another person's view of you:). I'll get back to you on the second and third pregnancies someday...maybe:) hehe.

Molly said...

HAAAAAHAAAAAA - Kelly, that is awesome.

E - I would much rather be craving food than the thought of everything making me feel all woozy. Eat up. ha ha.

I highly doubt I'll ever experience a third pregnancy, but with my 2nd I craved WAY more sweets. I had Tom making Dairy Queen runs at least three times a week. With my first I ate a bag of salt and vinegar chips every night. ha ha.

Oh, I have an AMAZING bumper that I got for Finn. Let me know if you want the details :-)

Rachel said...

So glad you stopped by my blog earlier!!! Congrats on your third baby! Looking forward to exploring your blog! =)

Big Fat Mama said...

With my girls I craved sweets, with my boys I craved meat - no joke!

I understand wanting a new rocker! Walmart has some for around $80, but after a while they start to squeak.

Big Fat Mama

ElissaM said...

Ahh Molly, I was so stoke that I was craving Salty things...isn't that for a girl? Bummer...BFM...I had a walmart rocker and it worked for the past 3 years...just need a new one now!

Anonymous said...

hi honey--saw the National Geo special about babies in the womb and could think of nothing but my third grandchild. O how I wish i were closer to you so i could so all your cleaning and hold my boys
love you