Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wrestling fun and a smiley face!

Mike got home a little earlier tonight and we had a relaxed evening full of....wrestling!!! Austin has really gotten into it and impatiently waits his turn to be tickled and thrown. Yes he is wearing his Birthday Boy shirt (the same one logan did) a day early because he had "school" today.

This is how Austin gives kisses...i would have put up the other pictures I have, but it looks like mouth to mouth. He is such a sweetie!

Toddeling on over to me!!!

Logan recently got in to drawing smiley faces and he added the legs, hair and arms on his own. I know most 2 year olds and almost 3 year olds can draw pretty well already, but he hasn't really gotten into drawing and I was impressed how he did this all by himself. I am not sure if he will be an artist, but I am so proud of him! (the lines on the bottom and side of the bodies are arms and legs)

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