Thursday, February 11, 2010

Got a fever...?

I can't believe that I am admitting this with a one year old, but truly for the past couple months I have been having crazy BABY FEVER! Seriously! I don't know why or how since my dear Austin wasn't the easiest of babies and going from two to three almost sounds scarier than one to two. I attend a MOPS group every other Monday and two of the ladies there have twins that were born in the past 4 the little kiddos tag along in the group and I just sit and stare sometimes! I see Austin's cute feet and chubby cheeks and I am just so in love and infatuated with how incredible and God-made he is! My boys just make me fall in love with them every day and I love the feeling of taking care of them, being needed and also being loved on BY them! I know, i know...all the sleepless nights, crying, not knowing what is wrong, much that can be thought of negative, but I see it as one of the best challenges ever! Being able to be God's agent in raising them and helping them learn and guide is so wonderful!! ANYWAYS!

Don't worry my dear friends, there won't be another Morris baby on the way any time soon. Mike will be on deployment in less than 9 months and I am not that crazy to have a newborn while he is deployed! While many wonderful and amazing women do it, I probably won't be one of them. However, we all know God's plan is stronger and better than mine! So no...we aren't trying and won't be for a while if we even do. I think this mainly has to do with the fact that Austin is growing up and isn't much of a baby anymore. Just had to air my feelings! I get to go visit a good friend this weekend whom I have been so excitedly waiting for her to have a baby and now she is a little over 8 months pregnant with a little girl. She will have to make sure I don't run away with her little one after she comes into this world! HA! Just that point I will be able to be the one handing the baby back when she gets fussy!


Joey&Casey said...

Elissa you are too cute. Seriously, I had baby fever (mildly) for the past 3 years with your little ones so I can sort of relate though I know the urge will be stronger when I have experienced a baby of my own and as she grows up I will miss her being little again. I just want you to know that you are welcome to as much of my little girl as you need to hold you over until your next little one comes whenever that may be:). She's all yours!!

Joey&Casey said...

oh, and the only cure for a fever is "more cowbell" by the way:) Hopefully you have seen that episode of SNL to know what I'm talking about:). lol

Molly said...

I can ship Finn out to you for a while. Maybe just until he sleeps through the night? You are one of the most amazing mothers I know, and if you are blessed someday with another child - it will be amazing, and if not - that's ok too because you've already got two amazing kiddos. Love you girl. Oh and yes - the title of this blog is definitely missing "and the only cure is more cowbell" hahaha. nice.