Friday, February 19, 2010

Austin's family celebration

I thought I would do some comparison pictures for you guys of my two boys at one year old. In two of the pics they are wearing the same shirt. So amazing to see such differences yet great similarities. I remember Logan's shin-dig...he was so tired and overwhelmed. He usually didn't want to be held, but all he wanted was in momma's arms that night. Plus my cake wasn't as good as the one I made for Austin. Yes, I have slacked more with the second. At least it isn't in love!

We had a great day on the 18th! Woke up happy and ate all his breakfast. Made it out the door to a mom's bible study and home for a great lunch! I made Austin's cake early in the morning and let them cool all day till their nap. That is when I got to work. There really was no particular reason for making a dinosaur cake, but just to have something different than cars or monster trucks. Plus I like challenges and this was one of them! To tell you the truth though, it ended up being so easy just time consuming. We went out to Moes because that is Austin's favorite place (yeah right, just an excuse to go eat out-plus a coupon!) and then headed back for some delish cake. Austin enjoyed it, but would have rather been fed it than try himself. Enjoy the pictures!

Austin had his 12 month appointment yesterday...found out he had an ear infection and he got 5 shots...poor baby. His stats are 23 lbs, 30.5 inches, and something like 25% for head circumference. All on track!

Mike asked me why we were decorating for Austin and I knew that we have to treat him equal, I wanted to get Logan excited for his birthday coming up, and HELLO he is turning one!

These were just a few of the wonderful and cute cards we got. Thank you to all for the sweet thoughts and gifts!

The dino cake was made of 2 nine inch cakes. I made the chocolate cake from scratch (easiest and the most moist cake ever!) One of the cakes you cut in half for the body and the other cut for the appendages.

Used chocolate frosting to hold it together. Yes...I ate some

Then I covered the body in a thin layer of green frosting and then started the piping. I was pretty disappointed because the star shaped tip was too big and didn't give the effect that I wanted. Still delicious though!

Fondant was used for the scales.

M & M's for the toes, teeth, and eyes


He wanted to dig in!

"Where's Austin!!!"

Putting his mouth in it!!!!

He likes to touch his face...oh no!!!

Feeding Daddy

Love the green frosting!

Loving brothers

wrestling together


Joey&Casey said...

love the comparison pictures. So neat that Logan and Austin can look very much like brothers and still have so much of their own characteristics:). Happy 1st birthday to Austin!! The decor and the cake look awesome!! I'm really impressed Elissa:).

Kelly said...

Austin is going to be a heart-breaker! OMG, he is SOOOOO cute! Looks like he had a fun birthday!