Monday, February 15, 2010

Opening Presents and random

Here are some random pics...first of the boys at breakfast time and then opening some of Austin's presents. We just got a new camera (a nice DSLR Nikon after having the good old point and shoot ones) and have been having fun trying it out!

Logan winking

Such a perfect smile!

"Where's Austin?"

Giving us the "look"

He got a bunch of books for his birthday...this boy is gonna be a reader! He talks to himself and reads all the books...such a cutie!

Austin and Casey after the present opening. They got him a couple of books that are gonna be favorites! At least they are my favorites!

Mike and our friend Joe playing games...they had a good time!

Austin enjoyed Dakota and chased after her all day!

So much love!!!


Joey&Casey said...

I do have to say that JOey and I completely cracked up when we saw the last pic of our brat of a dog making out with your poor baby. She may drive us crazy but, you sure captured a good picture of her in the act! lol. Too funny!! I like your flash so much better than ours so now I am on a mission to find a used, better one:). Thanks for the inspiration!

Ben and Melissa said...

such great pictures! I am so glad you guys got to spend time with each other's families!