Friday, February 26, 2010

Austin's walking progress...

Austin's walking has progressed and I am impressed on how much he wants to do it even though his wonderful older brother seems to think it is funny to knock him down. I got him a pair of shoes and he acted like a dog would if you put them and stepped around real funny and looked like he had cement blocks on.

This is one of Austin walking only in the beginning and then I tried to get Logan but it was fuzzy

Here Logan did his infamous bumping into Austin...kinda funny but not really. Brothers will be brothers


Molly said...

HAHAHAHAHA. I shouldn't be laughing, but that second video had me cracking up. I'm so nervous for what Jack will do to Finn. You are lucky you don't have stairs to worry about!! Oh boys....they are something else.

Joey&Casey said...

I'm with Molly:) It made me laugh too:). So awesome how much progress Austin has made in such a short time. He is a sharp cookie!! You are soon going to have two very mobile boys are your hands!! Wooooo