Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More NC and family pics!

So I know most of my recent posts have been about NC so forgive me. I have been taking lots of pics with our camera and I wanna share them! Also, I didn't get to share with you that we got to go on a double date this last weekend with our friends for the first time in over 3 years! We had a long wait at the restaurant, but oh was the food good! I even got to feel Casey's baby girl kick and move around. Such a wonderful miracle! Thank you for letting me rub your belly! It had snowed the morning we drove down there so Mike and Joe went out and made a snow...creation, I guess you could say. I hear it is still there even though all the other snow has melted days ago!

Since we were there on Valentine's Day we woke up to these wonderful crafts and treats! Casey was so thoughtful and secretive about it! I am sure she put it up on the counter one of the many times she was awake during the night. It was so sweet! It took all of me not to dig into the mike and ikes for breakfast!

I get tingles everytime I get to see my family as a whole. I am so proud and so blessed!!!

Me and my little man....

Nose kisses...such a sweet boy!

I pray they will be best friends! Maybe if I start telling them they are now, then it will happen??!?!


Eryn Stennes said...

Excellent pictures E! You're family is so beautiful. Seeing you with your boys is gorgeous! The pictures of you and Logan are GREAT! I love them! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Joey&Casey said...

oh my gosh that snowman really is hideous!! hahahaha I love the pictures of you with Logan, Austin and the family pic. You guys are such a lovely family and take such wonderful pictures. Also, the wrestling pic with Austin is awesome!! Love his chunky legs:) Great shot!