Monday, February 15, 2010

Austin's cupcake!!

(A little out of order I know) Here is Austin enjoying his first cupcake and even his first sweets! Just like Logan we kept (or tried to keep) Austin from having pure sugar until he turned one. He had a "Happy Birthday" cupcake with buttercream frosting and vanilla/lemon cake. He surprisingly wasn't that into it. I think that it was a little heavy for him, but I sure enjoyed finishing it for him!

Austin waiting for the cupcake!

Happy Birthday!!

Singing to him and Logan blew out the candles

He immediately dug in and played with the frosting!

Pretty nummy!!!

With the Birthday boy!

Austin decided he was done with the cupcake and wanted to eat his shoe

Logan of course enjoyed a cupcake

He missed the plate

Love my Austin!!!


Joey&Casey said...

I love Austin's scrunched up neck in the picture with you and Mike:) He is too funny and watching him scoop frosting off and stick it in his mouth was a crack up:). So glad we got to be a part of Austin's BD party!! Thank you for the cupcakes too!:) Delish!

Ben and Melissa said...

I LOVE CAKE BOSS too! Those cupcakes looked amazing! Good to see Austin likes his shoes better than sugary cake :)