Monday, January 11, 2010

What's on YOUR Wish-list

I am taking a quick break from the Antigua posts (i only have one left) and just posting some normal stuff! Since Mike and I are starting a new budget after a year of a random income, we or I have started a "wish list" of things that I want and somewhat need and then every paycheck we look at the list and see what we can get or need to get! So...I was wondering what was on your wish list? For example, on mine I have a swifter wet-jet, a new blanket for the living room, a bike seat pad (so need that!), and one of the Dyson vacuum attachments! There is more but as you can see it is kinda random. I hope that this way of determining what to spend our money on helps us and doesn't make us want more! HA! So please, lets have a discussion and tell me what is on your wish-list?!?!?!


Joey&Casey said...

ooooooooo, fun...but, I don't think you realize that my wish list is far too long to post on a blog comment. I would need a least a 2 page word attachment for that:) lol. Um, let me think..we really want wood floors these days so that is a biggie...2. to find inexpensive things for the baby and her room and to finish up the hunting. It's fun but, I'm a bit weary of it. And, for my hubby to get the raise he has deserved for so long:). That was fun!!

Eryn Stennes said...

Oh we have a list like that. But its more of a what will we spend our tax refund on. :)
One of our kitchen drawers has been broken for 3, almost 4 years, and we have never bothered to replace the track. So that's top. Then we need new carpeting in our bedroom since the contractors never reattached it from the flooding incident. paint for the kitchen since it's a spearmint green. Then we could sell our house to get a house we'd be happy with. That would be a dream!

Kelly said...

My selfish wish would be a spa day with all of the bells and whistles (massage, facial, mani/pedi, hair color and cut...) Why does that stuff have to be SO expensive?!

My less selfish wish would be a new set of knives (you got me dreaming about that when you told me you got a new set for your birthday...LUCKY!).