Monday, January 11, 2010

quick question

I am thinking of disabling the follower part of the blog, would anyone like email notifications when I update (not that you are that interested) or keep the follower thingy?


Joey&Casey said...

um, I don't really need e-mail updates cuz I check my follower thingy daily to see when you last updated. I stalk you pretty well from my own blog in other words:). But, do whatever you want mamas. It's your blog:)

Eryn Stennes said...

I second that. I check up follower but if you're going to get rid of that then please e-mail me. :)

Ben and Melissa said...

I think I signed up to be a follower, but I wasn't sure what it was haha! I just check the site every few days on my own when I'm thinking about you guys!