Monday, January 18, 2010

My 11 month old!!!

Can you believe it? Austin is now 11 months old! Just a year ago I was still working and wanting that baby to come out so bad! It is hard to believe that he will be one year old next month. I remember Logan being a year old and that be the beginning of a fun age (not that I don't LOVE and ADORE the baby age!) but there is just something fun about being 12 months and older. Some facts about Austin...he has 8 teeth (even though they aren't completely in they have broken through) he is crawling on knees and with his bear crawl. He cruises around the couches and around the room. He definitely is giving Logan little room to play with his own toys! We are starting to sign with him and he gets a kick out of the "all done" sign. We have had to start saying NO with him and he has obeyed very well! He no longer goes for the dog food, dishwasher, and other things that he doesn't need to. I have seen Logan and Austin start their boyish wrestling and somewhat fighting. Logan loves to through our couch pillows on Austin who just laughs, they have "batted" at each other with their hands and several times Logan has pushed him down secretively. They will be a riot once Austin gets of age to wrestle back! These pictures I shot of him at lunch one day. You can really see the teeth that are all the way in, the ones on the sides of the top and bottom ones are slowly coming in. The picture with his hands up is him playing "so big"...he gets a goofy look on his face and raises his hands! And the last one is what he does when he doesn't want anymore food. He pretends to be interested with the back of his high chair. HA! Love my little Austin-bo-baustin!


Kelly said...

Big boy! What a cutie!

Joey&Casey said...

Gosh Elissa, I can hardly believe that your baby is already almost 1. Don't know about you but his first year flew by for me:)! He looks so much different than Logan and yet you can totally tell they are brothers. So neat. Looking forward to celebrating a BD next month:).

Ben and Melissa said...

such a cutie pie with all those teeth! This year went by too quickly! Lets see a video of the boys wrestling!