Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movie Night

Mike came home from work the other day and decided to have a movie night with Logan. They set up their blankets and pillows, popped the popcorn (mixed with marshmallows and carmel morsels) and started watching Spiderman. Austin was around for the beginning part of the movie and had fun going around and bugging the two of them. Logan enjoyed the time and really got into the movie. Afterwards he said "He saved her, he saved mommy!"


Molly said...

That sounds like a fantastic night!!!

Eryn Stennes said...

AHH! We do that. The kids love it! It's always pizza night.

Joey&Casey said...

Yeah! I love movie nights and what a fun tradition that would be with the kids. I think I might have to steal that one from you when our kids are old enough:). Logan looks really into it and it cracks me up that Austin lays all over Logan. Such cute boys!