Friday, January 29, 2010

Randomness and updates!

The Morris household had been busy yet productive! Life is "back to normal" with Mike working long hours and the boys home with me. We started a new adventure and go to a free gym on base nearly 3-4 nights a week. The boys play right in front of us in a kiddie area while we run on the treadmills and lift weights!! Logan continues to do well with the potty training and spend all of today in real underwear..McQueen underwear!  He has really gotten into Super heros lately (the Incredibles movie and Spiderman). He called Austin -violet today and Mike -Dash (from the movie). So I decided to make up names for him for the family. Logan is Monster Truck Boy and Austin is Screamer Boy. Still haven't figured out Mike's and my name...any suggestions? The Lord has been pressing on my heart to teach Logan bible stories, lessons and short easy verses. I plan on getting a felt board and making characters to "put on a play" with Logan so he can learn all the adventures and stories in the Bible. It has also caused me to dig deeper into the Word to learn how to teach someone else the lessons that I have learned. Did that make sense? 

Running has been going great for me and I actually enjoy it more and more everyday. It is especially fun for me when I get to train with the other girls from my church because we discuss our walks with the Lord and what we have been going through. Definitely makes the runs go by faster! Mike and I plan on training for a half marathon this summer. It is actually the one he did when we first moved here. Now we both will have trained for it and hopefully won't be too bad! Anyways, here are some pictures of what has been happening around here!

Logan put Mike's hat on men look so good in uniform!

Definitely a tough guy!

Austin found the curtains the other day and had a riot playing in them (video to come soon)

Peek a Boo!

Just sitting there waiting for us to find him. Notice the hand towels nearby? Yeah, he spilled the dogs water.

Austin LOVES books! He will be real quiet for a little while and I will go searching for him (because quiet is never good) and he will be sitting there "reading"!

Yes, Logan put the "basket" on Austin...

Made a fort for Logan...

"under there!" 

Austin was exhausted after a day of running errands...he stayed asleep on the couch

Not crying over spilled milk...because I was laughing at Otis!!

He was right underneath when Logan spilled his milk.

Chili Dog night


Joey&Casey said...

What a fun post with lots of great pics:) I love seeing what you all are up to:) I can't get over how active and mobile Austin has gotten since we visited in November. It's crazy how fast kids grow up. Yet another reminder to me to savor every day with our little girl cuz it will go fast:). Can't wait to see you guys:)

Lindsey said...

you're little boys are so cute and handsome. For some reason I'm not able to watch the videos, but I'll try again later. That's awesome that you and Mike are training together for a 1/2 marathon...I bet it makes working out much more enjoyable.

Rod Markin said...

Elissa - I love my grandkids!! Thanks for posting here for us to keep up on them...and you!! Papa