Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend fun!

We were able to go to a tree lighting celebration here in Va Beach this past weekend. We are trying to get out and see as much Christmas type things because we will not be decorating this year:-( It is a good and sad thing. I always love to decorate as I have at least 6 tubs full of decorations and it is such a joyous thing! However, it is kinda a good reason why we aren't this year. We will be gone pretty much all of December visiting family and enjoying a vacation, so decorating would have been a lot of work for a little time. We will get to see plenty of Christmas trees and nativity sets in the families houses we will be staying at!

The tree and town all lit up!
Mike being a strong Daddy...Logan on his shoulders and Austin in a carrier!

Daddy and his boys...

After Thanksgiving we went to Colonial Williamsburg for the day. It started as a chilly sunny day, but ended as a rainy cloudy day. We still had a good time and had lots of laughs!
This is my friend Joe and Casey (almost 6 months pregnant). It was fun to watch him feel their little girl kick and I tried to get a sentimental picture for them.
Logan was feeding Uncle Joe...sometimes got it in his nose

All bundled up but having fun Austin!
Mike and Logan playing at one of the buildings!


Ben and Melissa said...

wow it sure has gotten cold there already! I am semi jealous of your beanie wearing family right now! :) Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures this coming month. We love seeing the daddy-son pictures on here and are so glad Mike is back. Such fun to be together with Joe and Casey. It is amazing how God placed both of your families on the east coast and close enough to visit one another!

Joey&Casey said...

I love your family pictures!! Elissa, you are such a beautiful mama and I love how you just shine amongst a family of 3 boys:). Love seeing Austin's head popping out of Mike's chest:). haha. I actually really like the picture you got of Joey's hand on my belly:). THank you! I will be stealing that one and the laugh out loud pics of Logan feeding Joey. Those cracked me uP:). Glad you guys are having a festive time in spite of not decorating:).