Saturday, November 28, 2009

A Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great thanksgiving this year. We celebrated it with "extended family" or our good friends who live in NC. We celebrated with them last year also. Of course we always seem to forget to take pictures with all of us every time we are together:-( I thought I took more pics of the day, but I can't find them. Maybe they were mental pictures if you know what I mean! Our Thanksgiving started on Wed when Mike started making his Apple pie. He has made it before and has always been a big hit. Then Thursday came and we had the day planned out to the minutes and degrees of what dish needs to be cook. It was mainly a sunny day (which was good for me!) and Joe, Casey, Dakota, and the little girl bean arrived around 12. Lots of great fellowship and appetizers was done until time to get the feast ready. The 19 lb turkey (yeah I know a huge turkey, don't know why I bought such a huge one!) was put in and I cooked it in an Oven Bag this year. The most simple way I have ever cooked a turkey and turned out better than I could have imagined! Green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, fruit, candied yams, rolls and sparkling juice made the feast a grand delight! I felt bad because Casey had a cold so she couldn't taste much of it so I sent her home with lots of turkey and potatoes!
We decided to go to Williamsburg the next day, which is only an hour away. Friday was supposed to be a great day, but ended up being incredibly cold and started raining! Hopefully they had a fun time as well as we did (despite quite a few tantrums...why always on the days you need them to behave??!?!?!). Joe and Casey were very patient and understanding through it all! Thank you!!! After naps and some food we all hung out and enjoyed the evening. It is so fun to see Casey pregnant (almost 6 months along) because I haven't really been able to watch my other friends pregnancies like this one. I can't wait to meet the little angel!
Anyways, it was a great weekend and there is so much to be grateful for this year...i don't even know where to begin~to have a God that Loves and fills my cup, a husband who still makes me giddy when he walks into the room, a two year old that makes me laugh inside and out and gives some of the best hugs, and a baby who lights up a room and is already teaching me things. My family who has stuck by my side through deployments and just normal days...and my friends who have become my extended family through these times. So much and I feel so undeserving! Thank you to all you wonderful people!My little turkey...logan wore this too on his first thanksgiving!
making Daddy's apply pie!


KellY AnN BlaiR said...

I love Logan's lack of pants!

ElissaM said...

potty training

Joey&Casey said...

Joey and I thought that you put a pic of Mike up in his skivys at first until we saw the next picture where Logan is in his diaper helping daddy:) haha...Elissa, I can't emphasize enough how thankful Joey and I are to live near great friends like you and Mike and your kids are very near and dear to our hearts! This was another wonderful Thanksgiving, well spent with y'all! Wouldn't have traded it for the world! Dinner was DELISH!!