Friday, November 13, 2009

Whats been going on here...

Here are a few random pics from this past week or so. Austin has been feeding himself for over a month now and one night I was cooking dinner and I looked over at him and he had this puff stuck to his nose. It was hilarious because he just kept eating! Lately he loves eating mac and cheese, tomatoes, carrots, and noodles. Big boy!
We are trying to help logan go on the potty and it has been frustrating because he will be dry for so long and sit on the potty but then he finds the time to hide and goes in his diaper. I know it will happen sometime...any suggestions though? I think we just need him to go on the toilet and then it might get better.
Mike was raking the back yard or at least the concrete slab in the backyard and Logan wanted to help. It was so cute and so sweet. He did a good job! He is not our slave and it is good for him to learn responsibility early on!

Logan in action

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Joey&Casey said...

love the logan pic on the potty:) it cracked me up. Austin is so handsome. Can't wait to hold him again:)So cute to see Mike and Logan working together. You will be seeing so much more of that in years to come I'm sure! So glad daddy is back with his boys:)