Friday, December 4, 2009

The Latest in the Morris home...

Fun in a box. We were cleaning up from dinner the other night and Austin thinks that is the best time to crawl straight towards the dog water over and over again. So mike stuck him in this box just for fun and he stayed there for the longest time playing and having a good time! Thought it was really cute.

Austin is such a pickle. He can get into everything around the house he isn't supposed to, but he will cuddle with you and melt your heart. He just recently cut his two top teeth and I hope we don't get anymore for a little while. He really enjoys adult food/finger foods and just gobbles up everything we give him. He is such a sweetheart!

Well, lots of growing up has been done lately here at home! Logan has really taken to potty training and is doing great! It was a real struggle at first and very frustrating. We would have him sit on the potty only to have him go to the bathroom right after we put his diaper/pull up back on. He would fight us so hard to not sit on the toilet even though we knew he would be fine once he sat down. The good thing was that he used the bathroom at his school on Wednesdays! Then one day he started telling me that he had to go potty and he would sit down and go! For a while he would only tell me and not mike which was kinda strange. I borrowed a tactic from a friend to use as an incentive to use the bathroom. I have these kidney beans and once he fills up a small glass cup he would get a matchbox car. He would get one bean for sitting on the toilet, 2 for going #1 and 3 for going #2. Trust me it didn't add up that fast because the beans are really tiny. But now he understands that the more he goes potty the more beans and the quicker he gets a car. So sometimes he goes a little bit 3 times in a row. Smart little man! He still wears a pull up around the house but he has been dry for several days with a small accident when he naps or nighttime. However, he does wake Mike and I up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. As proud I am of him for that, I don't care to wake up every night to help him to the bathroom...

We are heading out on a long trip today, first to Mississippi to visit Mike's Grandparents and then up to MN for the rest of Christmas vacation. In less than two weeks we will be in Antigua while the boys are being watched by family in MN. We are so stoked for that trip! We will keep this updated while on vacation so check it out for pics!

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