Saturday, November 14, 2009


Here in the East we have storms called Nor'easters...kinda like hurricanes but they aren't as severe. We had one for the past several days...nonstop rain and crazy wind up t0 50 MPH. Wednesday Mike decided to take logan out in the rain and jump in the puddle in our yard. (the way our yard sits it creates a nice big puddle every time it nice I know) Anyways...they went out there and jumped around! Logan came in soaking wet head to toe but he had a blast!

Falling in the water!


Joey&Casey said...

It just makes me so happy to see Logan hanging out with his daddy again. And the picture of him and Mike looking at each other is priceless because their love for one another just radiates through the pic. Looks more like a river flowing through your yard than a puddle!!

Ben and Melissa said...

Yes, you do have quite the river in your yard. So fun for daddy and son to play and make new memories together.