Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daddy and Son's project

When we were at Lowes the other day, we saw a sign for these Saturday Kid workshops where you could go for free and do a project or craft. Mike decided to do it with Logan and they had a blast today. Logan received an apron like the employees wear and a badge that I will sew on it. They made a wooden snowman that you can put a picture in it. He got to hammer some nails and put stickers on it. Logan was so excited to show it to me and tell me all about it. I love and cherish these moments!
Having so much fun together!! Mike is an incredible Dad and daily thinks and does things to grow his sons up to be Godly and manly men! every way!!!


The Stachurski trio said...

That is so adorable!

Ben and Melissa said...

Soo sweet they did a father-son project! Making memories!

Joey&Casey said...

the picture of mike and logan is too cute! I love seeing daddy's taking the time to interact with their sons. Way to go Mike!! Logan looks sooooo happy!! :)