Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treats!

Halloween snuck up on us this year! All of a sudden I was like...oh! It is time to go! We just went over to a friends house and went trick or treating and also celebrated her little girl's 3 year birthday. Logan had a blast with a bunch of older kids and definitely wore off the sugar from the candy and cake. Austin was a bit overwhelmed with all the noise, but he did well! I just put him in Logan's costume from Logan's first Halloween ...a Ninja! Unfortunately I couldn't find the hat that went with it...that would have completed it...he just sat in the stroller the whole time though. This year Logan was a Monster Truck...his favorite thing in the whole world besides his Daddy! I made it out of a moving box, fabric, battery powered headlights and marker. I was so afraid it was going to fall apart because it was mainly put together with tape, but it held together well! I was also afraid that he wasn't going to wear it because it was quite heavy for a two year old, that is why I put the baby pads for carseat straps on it. He did great though! He wore it half the time and was in awe of being outside walking around at night. He enjoyed getting the candy too. He truly understood what Halloween meant this year! "I want trick or treats mommy!". Wish that Mike could have been here, it would have been fun for them to go together...maybe next year right? Enjoy the pics!

This picture cracks me up becuase of his one big eye and one little eye

Ninja coming to chop mommy!

You can see his bottom teeth in this one!

The monster truck before Halloween...I made the tires of black garbage bags, newspaper and paper plates...all things I had around the house!

So proud!!! You can't see it here, but of course only one headlight worked that night when both were working when I put it in the car to go to my friends....figures huh?

My little Bigfoot!

"Property of EOD"

This little Bigfoot was Estb. 2007....he also got a nice haircut that day

All ready to go! (I look halloweeny with one red eye! Gotta love it!)

Logan walking before trick or treating

Logan going house to house


KellY AnN BlaiR said...

Haha! I love the videos of him walking! So cute!

Ben and Melissa said...

Elisssa... wow! I can't believe you made such an awesome costume! I'm so impressed! Logan will look back on this Halloween and think "i've got a cool mom!" He is so cute and proud walking in it! Love it! Your Little Ninja is so adorable too! :)

Joey&Casey said...

Me and Joey loved looking at your masterpiece on Logan. Great job Elissa and you can tell that Logan was in Heaven wearing it:). Austin is so handsome and the ninja suit worked perfectly on him!! So glad you guys had fun:)