Saturday, November 21, 2009

Growing up!!!

Not too much going on...just growing up here! Austin is now 9 months old and we are definitely seeing his personality. It is a mix of a terror and a cuddler. He is all smiles and an all around happy baby! We weren't able to get in for a 9 month check up, but I did weigh him at the Docs the other day and he was around 20.9 lbs. I still have to measure him though. He started pulling himself up after the cast came off and last week started cruising around the couches and pushing things while he walks. I still think he has a long way to go before walking. He is now doing the knee - hand crawl...not the bear walk any more. We also think he may be getting his two top teeth in. We don't see the white yet, but those bumps get bigger and bigger every day!

Logan has truly been growing up these past few weeks. I hate to admit that I hadn't taught him till now to drink out of a regular cup. Only sippy cups. I guess I didn't realize that he was at that age! So we worked on that and of course there are spills and as you can see in this picture, plenty of liquid mustaches. (that one is chocolate milk). He has been trying more foods also which is so very nice! One other major thing is potty training. He has been peeing in his little potty pretty much every day for the past 5 days now. Even went #2 at his church school on Wednesday! He continues to go to the bathroom in his diaper and even underwear (I just throw those stinky ones away) but we are so proud of him for trying and getting comfortable with the toilet. Him and Austin continue to wrestle and play around. The newest thing is for Logan to pull Austin by his feet when Austin is on his tummy trying to get to something he shouldn't. (all the time!) I can't wait till Austin is more interactive and they just go to town playing!

Mike and I are slowly settling in as a married couple again and enjoying this honeymoon phase. We have made dates a very serious priority and have had one since him being back and have another tomorrow night. We talk about Antigua almost every day because it just doesn't seem real to us that we are going! We are excited about a long and fun road trip coming up to visit family and end up in MN for the holidays. Mike doesn't know what the next couple of years hold as he will find out this coming January. We will probably have another deployment before his enlistment is up but not sure when it will be. Mike should be making Senior Tech before the next go around which would make him a team leader. He continues to love his job and I am so proud of all the hard work he does. To be honest I truly don't think about exactly what his job entails because it seems so absurd that he would be disarming bombs or blowing things up. But when I think about all the lives he is saving when doing it and risking his life for others I just see the Lord shining in him. I know his boys are going to look up to him so much. Well, that was a tangent, I am just so proud to be his wife in so many ways. We met about 8 years ago this month and I can't believe how fast that time has flown! And to see all that we have accomplished together. I love how the Lord fits people together!

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