Tuesday, August 30, 2011

cell phone picture goodies!

Sometimes I think our cell phones capture the best moments and memories...even though the quality may not be the best. The memory outweighs the blur! Here are a few from the past few weeks:

In our new/used BOB stroller...he loved it!

Logan was asked last minute to be a ring bearer in a wedding and I couldn't get over how old and HANDSOME he looked! He was so proud of his job and wouldn't put the pillow down once. We were so nervous he might have a freak meltdown during the service because he wasn't sitting by us, but up front. He did fantastic though and behaved incredibly. We were so proud of him:-)

I asked for a nice picture and this is the cross-eyed look I got. Guess the goofiness starts now!

I love how Everett puts his hands on me...so precious

Everett's first time in a high chair in a restaurant! He loved it!

First swing ride! He laughed so hard:-)

The boys climbed a tree and I tried to get a happy picture of them...tried


Austin fell asleep in the car in such a strange position...crazy kid

This past weekend we escaped the danger of Hurricane Irene and went to a friends house in a safe part of NC. We decided to give our friends a break on Saturday and go to their children's museum...the MOST awesome place ever! The boys had a blast going from one room of pretend play to the next. So wonderful to see them have so much fun. Austin at first was obsessed with the Ambulance and all the medical equipment...future doctor perhaps! He kept putting the IV in his mouth though...maybe not

Then we found the best place in the world for him. I will do a whole other post on this, but Austin was in heaven with this kitchen place. Had to wear the apron and hat, and used the knife properly to "cut" the velcro food in half. He was there for over an hour just going to work in the kitchen. I loved every minute watching him:-)

Too cute!

Logan enjoyed building cars and playing marbles. Then Mike decided to build a jail with these huge legos and trapped the boys inside.

Everett sure enjoyed the car ride because he constantly had his hands up in the air like he was on a roller coaster. I am not a crazy driver so I am not sure why he thought it was a such a crazy ride! HA!

The menacing hurricane clouds. These were the outskirts too. The day before it even hit landfall! What a HUGE storm!

God is so marvelous. In such awe of His beauty!

The neighbors in our backyard weren't so lucky. When we got home we had no power and figured out it had been out for over 36 hours, but no damage, Praise God! This tree however, if fell towards our house, would have damaged our house badly. No one lives in this house so in a way, if the tree had to fall, we are glad it fell that way. On the left the top of the tree is on the roof, and on the right the bottom of the tree on the garage.

Got a little bored with an area in our room, so I redecorated it! LOVE IT! Now to just have a quiet morning in my comfy chair with some coffee and the Bible!



Casey Martinez said...

I am really in awe of the pictures you capture on a phone...your phone takes great pics!! I love seeing the boys enjoying that museum. The kitchen is too cool!! It was such a treat to see you guys this past weekend! Love your little reading nook! I really want one in our room too!

Anonymous said...

Great pics. Glad you all had a good time and no damage. I love that museum. The one in portsmouth is nice now. We have a memebership if you ever want to go.