Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pictures Galore of my sweet boys!

Everett's double chin. Gotta love baby chunk! So squeezable, kissable and lovable...

Everett is definitely his own man, but I see parts of his brothers in his face. He is so sweet and LOVES to eat. I have made him peaches, apples, bananas and sweet potatoes (need to increase the veggies for sure!) My girlfriend Laura gave us this awesome baby-food making machine and it is a breeze to whip him up some delicious goodies! I did it the old fashioned way with the older boys (hand held blender and ice cube trays) but now these containers have little smiley faces on them and a mini-blender to help! I will have to take pics for you.

These pictures are a little out of order, but when the hurricane hit last weekend we got OUT of here! We have several large trees in our back yard and they have been known to throw down massive branches that have broken our deck and fence. We did not want a tree coming into our house. So our good friends Casey and Joe graciously opened their house to us once again. That saturday we decided to give our friends a break and went to a Children's Museum (as stated in the previous post) and here are a few more photos of the wonderful event!

Austin having so much fun. I remember Logan being absolutely obsessed with Monster Trucks during this age, always having one or more in his hands. Austin is passionate about cooking and his food. We have a ton of play food here at our house, but no kitchen. So he just pretend plays where ever and almost always asks to help us cook dinner. He is so funny when he does help, always trying the ingredients (even the oil to heat up the pan) on the tip of his finger. We keep him safely away from the hot stuff, but he is a great helper.

Two mini chefs
It does something to a parents heart to see a child so passionate and enjoy something so much. I know he is only 2, but there is something special about this chef thing. At this huge kitchen at the museum, Austin was in a different world. He went right to work making his work station and gathering food. He sucked his cheeks in a bit and had a very concentrated look on his face. As you can see, we think he is going to be left-handed...always coloring and cutting with his left hand. If we could go to this kitchen ever day, I would just to see the happiness and joy on his face:-)

Mike went off with Austin while I played with Logan and built a jail around him:-)
This is what I came around the corner to:
Everett just chillin in momma's arms:P
LOVE my Beco! (the carrier)
Working with REAL tools...yes, REAL tools
Sawing the wood with Daddy (ooo those strong arms look good:-)

Building their own cars to race...this was a neat station that I would love to have in my house.

Grocery shopping.
Everett in the stroller...I think he looks like Austin here...just a bit. So edible though!

Fireman Logan!

Now just some random photos. This was before we decided to leave for the hurricane. Caught my hubby off guard, but so glad I actually get photos of him. So handsome:-)

The emergency light for the "big storm"
Austin...yes you are a character
Everett's arm chunk...or should I say muscles?
Logan...yes he is starting to be goofy in pictures. Now it all begins.

He starts three day a week preschool next week. I can't believe that next year I will be getting him ready for KINDERGARTEN! Oh how my sweet men grow up so fast!

Everett doing his thing...we are thinking he will be sitting up by the end of his 5 months and I think crawling in 2 months. We shall see if that holds up! (after I posted this I realized you can see some spit up...sorry!!)

This is what I have been needing the past several days to lovely coffee in my clean crisp white mug. Everett has been making my mornings quite early while getting up a few time during the night still. I think we might have to start doing some night training. I was spoiled with Austin who started sleeping through the night at 6 months while nursing...but Everett likes the night feedings too much. Sometimes I wonder how long he is awake at night before he starts making noise...because he plays quietly a lot in his crib! ANYWAYS...going to go make myself some coffee right now. The boys just woke up and Mike decided to go run a half marathon this morning...just another day in our house!



Lindsey said...

Every time I come to your site, I just can't get over how handsome those little boys are. Thanks for the picture update. Glad you were able to get away from the storm and that your house was safe.

Anonymous said...

Gosh your boys are sooo adorable! Everett is getting big.

Casey Martinez said...

I agree with Lindsey...the boys are really so handsome and cute! I love this picture overload! I am so stoked that your kids enjoyed the museum so much...that just means you'll have to take them to it again sometime soon right?? hehe. I think it is so neat that Logan was into trucks and he got into that all on his own and now Austin is into food and that was all on his own. They like what they like and it is so awesome to watch them be individuals! Love every picture of Everett. He is such a good looking little man!!