Monday, August 1, 2011

Papa and Grandma Visit Part 2

Long time coming...Part 2!! We had some relaxing time the rest of the days, date night, singing times, black berry picking, and dinning out!

Here is my handsome, strong man, wooeing me in front of the camera...yeah...almost dropped me:-)

My older boys playing in the fountain. Tonight Logan was riding his bike next to the stroller where Austin was sitting and he goes " are my favorite Austin". (Cue the melting heart please!)
Some carrots from our garden! With the G-parents here we could garden together outside more. It is nice to observe the growth and change in our enchanted palace and we dream of adding more to our back yard! The carrots were yummy and we have even more now!

We went blackberry picking. We were told there wouldn't be very many, but there were tons! We went to the back of the field and far from the road and found tons of golf-ball size berries. Yum Yum! Mike made a delicious blackberry pie (as he usually makes wonderous pies) and we ate them with cool whip for days afterwards.

Be ware!!! -of looking below! I was about to pick 3 gorgeous blackberries behind a thin spider web (just gonna brush it away) and thank God I looked for the spider because I saw this!!! YIKES! It seriously was as big as my fist. I freaked out beyond freaking out...soooo wish I had a different camera at this point!

Got my macro out:-)


14 lbs of Blackberries!

We went out to PF Changs (one of ALL of our favorites) and enjoyed a quick trip to the fountain afterwards. It was sooo hot and humid out that EVerett was falling asleep on Grandma! So love this picture:-)

Papa, Grandma and their g-boys! Soon to add another in MN (Jillian is due in 2 weeks!)

Family of 5! I thought the water in the background was kinda cool after I took the photo. Didn't do that on purpose. Next time I should have noticed it and tried to slow the shutter speed!

Almost 10 years after meeting each other, he still gives me butterflies, swoons me, and makes my heart skip a beat when he kisses me!

There wraps up our trip! I SOOO wish I had taken more pictures, next time I won't put the camera down. Thank you Papa and Grandma for coming out here, please come back soon...the boys miss you!


Casey Martinez said...

Love the first picture of him tipping you but, it does look like you almost dropped!! hehe. I love seeing all of your family together. Makes me so happy..especially your family of 5. You guys are such a beautiful bunch!! Can't wait to get my hands on your baby Everett!!

Casey Martinez said...

oh and the spider made my skin crawl!!! OMG I would have packed up my bag and gone home! haha

The Andersons said...

i need another visit!! i need more boy time and sister bonding time and husband bonding time :)