Thursday, August 11, 2011

Little things going on

Logan will be starting a 3 day preschool program this fall and I am super excited to see how he enjoys it and what else he learns. I feel that he knows many things already, so hopefully it will start the reading process...oh boy is that funny! We have tried to teach him about 911, and the dismal swamp fires going on...he asks so many questions and has an AMAZING memory. He just baffles me at how smart he can be! So...why then when I tell him 5 times to not jump on the couch he does it a 6th time??? God must have thought it would be funny to give me 3 boys. Just the other day, the older boys were playing upstairs and I hear Logan yell out "Lets run into each other!!!" like it is the newest bestest thing....then you hear Austin "yeahhhh!" BAM! Oh poor house.

Just like coloring for most girls gets them to settle down for a few minutes...little legos and play-dough do that for me. It is so fun to see what they create and their little imaginations go wild.

hhhmmm....been a while since I did a quick post/update. The older boys are doing well...Austin's personality is coming through more and more and it is so interesting just how different Logan and him are. Logan is such a perfectionist and actually tries to control Austin in how he is playing, dressing, where he stands to brush his teeth...etc. Basically Logan just likes me to sigh a lot. Austin tests our patience and discipline more than Logan does, but I feel that he understands his wrong doings earlier than Logan. Austin hates the heat and just mopes around until he begs us enough to go inside. He gets frequent bloody noses which he has been seen about, which led to an blood allergy test, which showed him slightly allergic to eggs and next week will have a skin test done...Who knows...the doc says with his eczema and year round allergy symptoms, he may be allergic to dogs! YIKES! Still potty training off and on. Most of the time he does it on his own (THANK GOD!) but I know in a few months we will need to kick it in to gear and get it done!

Just wanted to share some photos and get some blogging in since it is so rare these days. Hope all of you have a great weekend! Mike and I get a date (yes all three boys are being watched) and we are going to a friends wedding...actually the couple I did a photo shoot/engagement photos for. It should be fun!!!



Ashley Sisk said...

These are sweet - love the framing on your first and last shots.

Anonymous said...

These shots are so sweet. Sounds like they are doing well. Dusytn is starting school this fall too. Good luck to Logan. I am sure he will do great.