Friday, August 19, 2011

"A lesson in wrestling" by Austin

The boys had a fun night wrestling and I got a kick out of how Austin narrated his wrestling moves "Punch!" "Kick!" Too funny! These boys can get sweaty with all the wrestling hence the no shirts, or pants in Logan's case. It has been fun watching Logan wrestle lately because he is so serious about it. He has his moves that I swear he practices in his head and then carries them out while we try not to laugh too hard. What fun it is to be a parent! I love it when the boys do something funny or cute and Mike and I both catch each other's eye smiling at one another thinking how wonderful and special they are. I love having my man as their Father and my Best Friend to share these memories with!

PS, sorry about the hunk with no shirt on...:-)



Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Too funny.

Casey Martinez said...

hey did austin recently get a hair cut? He is such a cutie pie big boy!! And love Logan in his skivies:) Your kids crack me up!!! hahhahaha

KincaidMommy said...

LOL! Love the ending where Austin hits Mike with the gun and you go "Ooph!" Haha. So cute :) Love those little guys!

Lindsey said...

I second Laura's comment. This video is why I think almost every guys wants a son. Brandon is always trying to rough house with the girls and all he ever gets is screaming and crying.