Monday, August 22, 2011

Question for you Photographers!! HELP!

So... this is kinda a vague question, but I need some advice with it ALL! I have had the itch lately to really start up my photography as a business. I have a degree in nursing, but I haven't practiced as an RN in over two years and I know it will be a while till I go back to work (when the kiddos are older). I have really enjoyed photography in all the aspects. From learning about my camera and doing new things, to capturing special moments, having people love the shots of themselves, and even editing! So my question to you is...if you have started up photography as a business what is the one (or more) piece of advice you can give me?!?! I know there is a lot to starting a business with legal things and what not. That actually kinda scares me about it all. Have any of you had any problems with it legally? What about the one piece of equipment you suggest I have...from studio accessories to lenses to business cards? What do I need?

Thanks so much for your help! Not sure when I will take the big leap, but I think sometimes you just gotta do it!



Casey Martinez said...

I think you should post this on a photography forum! You would probably get some annoying responses from the snobs but, people that genuinely want to give you pointers could be really helpful! I need to know this stuff too! Actually, I have a really great person to ask so I will ask her and get back to you in regards to the legal stuff:-) I love that you are getting the itch to go for it!!

Rod Markin said...

You know, I own my own business....and while it isn't photography, I'm sure I could help with key aspects of it...answer general questions for you. Just saying!

Lindsey said...

here's a link to a wonderful site that has tons of great articles for people wanting to start a photography business.

And even though I don't have a photography business, one thing I was told by a professional photographer is this...don't ever work for free. Even when building your portfolio, make sure you are getting paid for your time. It's a lot of work and your time and efforts are worth something, even when you are first starting. Just make sure that when and if you get a website up and running, you make it clear that your low prices are due to the fact that you are building your portfolio. Then every few sessions, bump up your price a little bit more until you feel that your work is worth paying the going rate in your area. But I can already tell you that for couples sessions, you should definitely be charging a decent amount. I think couples is your strong area. I could also see you doing senior pictures. Anyway, I can't wait to hear more about this. You definitely have the talent. Also, don't be afraid to professionally stay in one area of photography (i.e. wedding). That way you can just focus on being the best you can be in that and not worry about having to keep up with that newborn photographer, or that family photographer.