Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cute Story

Just had to share one of these funny moments in being a mom:-)

Tonight it was just Austin, Everett and I since Mike took Logan to a fun work thing. I was going to the bathroom (sorry if TMI) and realized that I was out of toilet paper! So I recruited the next thing that could walk besides the dog, to get me some TP. I asked Austin to get the new bag of TP in the hallway, in the blue bag...he said sure and scurried off to help. It was about 30 seconds and I couldn't hear him getting the bag and actually I couldn't hear him at all! I started to look around looking for something to use (again sorry for TMI) when I hear his fast little feet running back towards my bathroom: "I got it mommy! I got it!" He runs into my bathroom with this small quarter sized piece of TP crumpled up in the palm of his hand. He had gone to the OTHER bathroom upstairs and tore me of a small piece of TP for me to use. I just burst into laughter at how sweet and cute this little man is.

It has been interesting having three boys, and realizing that Everett is our last. Just something about knowing that we won't be going through this baby stage again really tugs at my heart. I feel bad, but I play more with Everett than I ever did the other two boys. Then again, because of that I am cherishing the moments with Austin as a two year old and Logan as a 4 year old. I know that these years fly by and the wonder and awe I have for them at these stages are so special. I am very grateful then, for the way Everett causes me to soak in the older boys. I can't get over the young boy Logan is and how smart he can be, how sweet and passionate Austin is, and how lovely and smiley Everett is. I pray these boys have a bond that is stronger than anything else and continue the love they have for each other now in the future years.

Just for remembering sake...some things the boys enjoy lately

Logan: making guns out of his legos, still wearing his costumes, and his ultimate favorite is playing with Everett "Boo! boo!" is what he says, and constantly spits. We have to remind him that he can't do that in Everett's face.

Austin: he is obsessed with cooking and the movie ratatouille . He helps us cook dinner almost every night and can even get the step stool out himself. He enjoys his books while he uses the potty, and any toy that he can push a button to make noise. Still has his blankie that he cuddles with every night.

Everett: not much that he likes right now besides eating and being held! He loves his exersaucer, rattles, and rolling over and over and over. He never stays on his mat and I think I need to start vacuuming more. He is in size 9 month clothes...yikes! and he is only 5 months old (next week). I think it is partly due to his cloth diapers, but truly, many of the 6 month clothes are just too tight! I think he might be finding his feet soon, so that will be we are working on sitting up!

Sorry for no pics, I will try and get some up soon!

By the way, my sis had her baby boy Noah! I am SOOOO stoked and that will be a whole other post in itself. Sure makes me want to be in MN!


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Anonymous said...

Aww That is so sweet about Austin. Sounds like something Dustyn would do.