Monday, August 8, 2011

Having Abundance

I was driving home from NC yesterday and for some reason I just wanted to eat at every fast food restaurant, get any chocolate shake I wanted, and all the candy and coffee drinks I could find. Of course I didn't, but oh the temptation was there! I having this conversation in my head about how it can be so frustrating to have delicious food (not the fast food stuff...just food!) available BUT if I have too much of it, I will be fat! HA! Of course I am quite food conscious most of the time, since right now I am trying to loose the rest of the baby weight. Anyways, I was contemplating how we have to have self control in almost every situation! I mean...why are our bodies made this way that if we have too much food that we will become unhealthy? Now, I am talking about just eating and eating, even if you aren't hungry but just for the pure pleasure of taste. We have to eat in moderation! Then it dawned on me, and I am sure all of you smarty pants have already realized this, but we have to monitor ALL things in life!

Can you think of one thing in this WORLD that we can have an abundance of, and it NOT have a negative effect on us? Think about it...alcohol...too much and we will be drunk, throwing up, and over time diseased! Money...too much will cause negative greed, not being satisfied, and idolizing possessions. Even good things like too much husband, or too much of our kids...they will become our idols and all we live for! For me...too much crafting will take up all my time so there is none left for my family or...the most important person of all...GOD!!!

Then another realization...and the obvious thing: the ONE thing in this whole world/heavens that we can NEVER have too much our great Lord Almighty. He gives in abundance: grace, mercy, love, forgiveness, etc and for some reason...we limit it! We say no thank you to Him...we do this when we don't seek after Him first in our problems, when we put other things (money, food, our desires, and even our families) before Him, and when we don't put our trust and faith in His will for our lives. We were created to worship something, to idolize something and with God's perfect plan, we should be worshiping Him in all that we do, putting all the things of this world that we want so much of; behind the Lord.

So that was my realization...quite simple, yet hopefully will help me when I desire too much of something in this crazy world.


KincaidMommy said...

Thanks for putting the tears in my eyes this morning and joy in my heart :) I needed this post! THe second paragraph really got me, especially the part about that we were CREATED to idolize something, but only ONE thing; God! So so very very true! Thanks for blessing me with your thoughts E!

Lindsey said...

I feel that this struggle will be something we all have to deal with till the day we are called home. But God is always so good to encourage us when we just feel to weak to go on. Great post and beautiful picture.

Casey Martinez said...

This is quite profound friend. Deep and so true. We do limit the Lord's blessings in our lives so often by not seeking him fully. We try to fill up with anything else we can. Good good morsel to chew on! But, shakes are SO good too!! hehe