Sunday, August 7, 2011

Chunky Monkey Everett

I thought I would update about my littlest (not so small) man. I recently had his 4 month check up- shots and all:-( He wooed all the nurses and the doctor; laughed and flirted his way through the appointment. But screamed, yes a high pitch scream, during his shots...poor baby!

He weighs 16lbs 3oz, 25 inches long, and not sure about head, but they kept asking me if he was C-section since his head was so perfect. I was like, "heck no!" I had that baby and have been blessed to have a round head! HA!

Other little tid-bits about E. He LOVES to be on his tummy, yes he is still a tummy sleeper, but now that he rolls both ways, he wakes up a bit easier when he rolls onto his back during the night. He never stays on a blanket since he just keeps rolling and rolling; it is quite funny to see where he ends up! He doesn't make much noise when he wakes up at night, but one way I know he is awake (he is in the pack and play) is I will hear this scratching sound. Once he is awake, he scoots to the end of the pack and play and scratches at the siding of it...keeps him entertained, but kind looks like he is trying to get out of jail or something:-)

He is back to pooping normally. No not sleeping through the night and is never consistent at night any more. We started rice cereal once a day now and he is doing pretty good with that! He still LOVES his brothers and is just captivated by them. I have to tell Logan to be gentle still as he plays with Everett as if is a doll...Yikes!

That's it so far! He is still our easiest baby, which is such a blessing!!



Lindsey said...

Wow Elissa! Your little boys are seriously so handsome. I can't believe Everett is already four months old. Glad he's your easiest baby. ;-)

KincaidMommy said...

He is just gorgeous :) I just love his sweet little eyes! Wish I could see him again now and kiss those chunky little cheeks :)!

Casey Martinez said...

Love that crying face:) After seeing E in person for a weekend I can really attest to the fact that he is a me;0. hehe. Daisy would never have been as patient as he is and as mellow. He is such a good baby or at least it appears and SOOO freaking cute! Loved seeing him in person and kissing those cheeks!!