Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rumors are true:

Yes, the rumors are true. As we speak my sexy sailor is on his way home. They were able to pull him out a tad early (probably only 1-2 weeks before the rest of the guys) so he was sure to get home before the baby comes (as I am going to be 9 months this next week). I excited? YESSSSSS!!! Does this feel real? NO, not at all. I sit here in a clean house, although my to-do list was cut short due to his early arrival, yet it is still clean. Why must I clean? I guess it is my way of nesting for my husband. To prepare my mind that he is coming home. So when he is here, I can just sit and be with him and not worry about needing to dust or vacuum. I may over-do it, but that is just my personality.

So, I have this clean house while my mind races with thoughts of excitement, nervousness, and passion. I am stoked for my boys to see their Dad again. I haven't exactly told them what is going on, but I think Logan kinda knows. I don't want to tell Logan and then have the plane get delayed or something else happen. I plan on telling him right before we leave for the airport:-) I know that getting Logan excited is going to hype up Austin, which I can't wait to see.

I am actually nervous to see my husband! I mean, I haven't exactly LOST weight or been able to work on my appearance. Plus when I go to hug him, I won't be able to get "close" to him because of this large belly. It is kinda disappointing for that fact, but we are obviously grateful for this third blessing. Sometimes it catches me off guard, "I have a husband??!?! A lover??!?! A best friend?!?!?!" I mean, I get to kiss someone that I haven't in 6 months! EEEKKK!

So, by the time most of you read this post, I may have already gotten him, or I may not...only time will tell. Don't worry, I should have a friend there taking photos and I will post a blog soon after he gets home.

By the way, I have realized this deployment that the sacrifice ISNT only done by the immediate family of the service member. As I went MN to visit family and had emergencies here at home, I quickly realized how much my friends and family also have to sacrifice and step up. The Grandparents babysat more, my sisters were second moms, and even my college age brother stepped up! I am completely honest when I say that this deployment could NOT have been done with out my family picking up Austin one more time, helping Logan get dressed again, or for the encouragement and girl time from my AWESOME friends. The Lord has blessed me beyond all that I could imagine and for that I am so grateful. So if you read this blog, then thank you for doing what you have done for me. God Bless you!!!



Price Photography and Designs said...

Oh Elissa. I'm so excited for you guys!!!! With mike coming home early, you may have this baby sooner than you think...if you know what I mean. ;-)

The Stachurskis said...

AHHHHH! Yay! I'm so excited for you!! I can't agree with you 100% with how much these deployments and family and friends help.

Ben and Melissa said...

EEEEE I had no idea he would get to come home early!! Cant' wait to see the homecoming post. Rejoicing with you in your family's reunion! Love The Fishers

Diana Smith said...

aww how exciting for you!! I bet that is so nice to have him home!!


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