Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Austin is 2!


Can you believe that it has been two years already? This little man has been such a pleasure yet challenge for us. A fussy baby has turned into a darling and hilarious personality. He has always loved his older brother and it shows more and more every day. He still loves to cuddle and his sweet chubby face is still soft to kiss. But he grew up so fast! It seemed in a short period of months he started talking and acting like a big boy. Dressing and undressing, more coordinated with his hands, and expressing feelings more.

It just baffles me how well he can talk. I remember with Logan I was so scared that he wasn't going to talk, so with Austin I worried maybe once (yes mike, only once) and when Austin started he didn't stop! Two to Three word sentences, singing songs (HILARIOUS!) and having conversations with Logan. Guess it helps to have an older brother who likes to make you repeat everything he says!

Soon he will be a big brother and have a little one to love and care for the way Logan does. I know Logan is being a good example of how to do that and Austin is going to love and enjoy this new little one. There are hardships to being a middle child, but I pray that we are a family of exceptions and aren't the norm. That he always feels loved and attention is given. My family did a great job with me growing up, so I hope that I can do the same for our now 2 year old AND middle child.

We are having a low-key birthday today as we are busy getting ready for a homecoming. However, Logan had a pretty low-key 2 year birthday too. They don't remember much at this age! Austin is enjoying singing "Happy -to you" as he says it, and I know the "baboons" are a hit. I will get pics of the cake eating and present opening today! Thank you Jesus for this precious boy and please help me to be the mom that he needs me to be!


The Stachurskis said...

Happy Birthday Austin!!! I can't believe our children are rounding the two year mark. Time slips by so fast. It has been so much fun to watch Austin grow into such a sweet little man. You and Mike make super freakin cute kiddos.

Molly said...

Happy Birthday Austin. He's going to be such a wonderful middle child, don't you worry :-)

Casey Martinez said...

Happy Happy Birthday sweet Austin!! These pictures are beautiful Elissa!! So soft and sweet!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday little man!!

Anonymous said...

So adorable! Happy Birthday Austin!