Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unveiling a secret Blog:-)

Many of my close friends and family know that I have fallen in love with taking pictures, using a camera to capture moments in life that people can look at and feel like they are right there right then. I have slowly but surely learned my camera and have gotten better, but am in no way a professional, I am still an amateur. I like to draw attention to creative angles and creative shots to perhaps capture something someone didn't see at that moment or realize about that person or landscape. So without further ado- I would like to share a blog that I started almost a year ago (yes I haven't had the confidence to share it yet).

I am currently NOT charging anyone as the people I shoot are mainly friends and family. I am doing this so I can build a portfolio, learn how to photograph with my camera, edit with my programs and create products people enjoy while having my "touch" show through. I just recently did my first Cake Smash and had such a fun time with it. So glad I was able to do that with a good friend and her adorable daughter!

So why am I sharing this? So YOU ALL, you all wonderful photographers out there that I LOVE stalking your photos and interpretations of life, can please critique and help me along! I love getting advice in this area of life because it is something where I can take the advice and try it out for myself and if it works, it stays and if not, then it wasn't for me! Anyways, please be brutally honest and have fun seeing the photos! Thanks for all of you who have let me take your photos and practice on you!!



BFM said...

I think your "secret" blog is great! I love the pictures of the baby eating her cake!

I'm starting a new link up this weekend. Anyone with any site can link up! I hope you'll link up your new photography site! :)

Casey Martinez said...

I'm glad you shared your photo blog because you are good and it's neat to share in this with you!!

Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

I'm Laura's sister in law, Spring.... I just stumbled on your blog from her blog and went to your PHOTO blog! WOW, you are amazing! What kind of camera do you have? I LOVE picture taking too! Not as good as you though! I have a Nikon D40X and just love playing with it, mostly of my boys... LOVE your shots!