Monday, February 28, 2011

So many realizations:

This was taken of me in my homecoming dress for Mike. 35wks 2 days (I am now 36+3).

So now the anticipation and excitement over the return of my Husband and the boys' Dad has come and gone. Don't get me wrong, it is still incredibly exciting and fun to have dad home:-) BUT now my attention is brought to the next big thing happening in our family. Baby #3!!! YIKES! So it has really hit me this past week that our family is about to change drastically. We barely have things ready for this little tyke! No diapers or necessities for a newborn, if I even remember what those are, and the bassinet isn't even put together yet as we have some major room rearranging to do. The idea of not knowing the gender stirs me up sometimes. It is just so crazy not knowing what will be joining your family, or even preparing myself and the boys for what is to come! I pray that the transition is smooth and that there is no disappointment. I do know that it is going to be amazing having that little one brought to my arms and have a flooding of emotions no matter if it is a boy or girl. Now I am getting all warm and fuzzy inside!!

Since Mike has been home I have been able to "breath" again and get SOOO much more help with everything around me. Because of that my body has been able to relax more and realize that I am 9 months pregnant! HA! The aches are more real, the swelling has started and the peeing every hour during the night began last week. I think because this is our last child (yes Mike and I are ready to move on from this stage in life) my body is being mean and giving me horrible acid reflux during the night (I had 4 pillows one night!) and even more stretch marks on my legs...BOOOO!!! Such a small price to pay though for a new little blessing in our lives.

Mike and I sat last night during dinner just laughing and being silly with our boys. What a joy they are, such hilarious yet individual personalities. Can't wait to throw another one into the mix and see the person they will be:-)

I don't have a belly shot for 36wks, but I will work on that today...if you really want to see it. Please pray for me because I have been having this sharp lower right pain in my abd a lot lately, and it even woke me up last night twice, sweating, in bed. I have a doc appointment tomorrow so I will be bringing it up then unless it continues more today. By the way, please give me your vote on when you think the baby will be born, gender, weight, and length! I may decided to do a crochet give away for the person that is the closest...stay tuned!!!


Casey Martinez said...

Elissa, I want to see belly pictures until the day you pop so get on a day...and a bare belly shot too..double dare yah;0 hehe just teasing. But, seriously, it is so neat to see you so preggo and knowing that you are SO close to bringing this child home to your family in your arms!!! I'm getting SO excited for you guys. I will pray about that ache you are experiencing! Acid refulx usually means hair on the baby's head right? ;0.

I seriously, have NO idea what you are having. A lot of your symptoms have reminded me of my pregnancy with Daisy...girls put more estrogen in the body which effects us so much differently. I dunno....I just can't say...dying to find out!

The Kincaid Family said...

Ok, I'm guessing because I love it when people guess :)

I'm guessing another Superhero Boy, March 17th, 3:46 pm, 7 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long.....bahahah, I am probably going to be wrong on every single one of those!!!

Love ya!!

Molly said...

Before I guess - you should tell us how your other births were. Logan was super early, right? And Austin was late? What did they weigh? Also - this website is super fun for people to enter all of the info - then once the baby is born, you insert all of the information and it calculates who won for you!

Olga said...

Hey there! New follower here ;)

WOW... you amaze me!! I wanted to do the samething and wait to find out what baby #3 is going to be, but I dont think I can! We have two girls now, they are 18 months apart and I am 21 weeks prego with #3. Today we have an ultrasound appointment and I think we might go ahead and find out! We are also done at 3. 3 is a good number for us. I am feeling all these emotions if its a boy or if its a girl, but God knows our plan and His plan is GOOD.

Cant wait to hear what you are having! God bless your precious family!