Monday, February 14, 2011

Musical Monday Valentine's Day

I can't believe that I haven't posted anything all week! It's not like we have been SUPER busy, there haven't been any sicknesses, and I have plenty of photos to share! Guess the week just got by me faster that I thought!

I came up with the idea for this Musical Monday months ago and it was pretty hard to not share the idea with Mike! I created this slideshow with many great OLD photos. Before the baby weight, and years of worry. (yes I once was skinny). I scanned in most of them because they were from before we had a good digital camera (10 years ago) or a computer to upload them (so they were printed). There are lots of red eye and blurry photos, but it was fun to see a bunch from before we were married and the early years. Don't get me wrong, I had a hard time choosing which photos to add and share, but I decided to leave the kiddos out mostly (then it would have been a 20 min video and not 5 min:-). They are featured, but not the focus. My first and true Love is the focus:-)

Anyways, here you go my husband, a reminder of where we started, the fun that we have had AND the fun that we will have. The first song is a remake, but I love the artist Jimmy Needham, and the second song is one that has already been featured on Musical Monday. Happy Valentine's Day my love, I hope your day has been and is a wonderful day full of love:-)



Mike said...

Thank you so much Angel for this amazing video. I know that you put so much love and effort into that and it turned out beautifully! It's hard to think about how much time we have spent apart but I think that it is evident that the times we spend together are filled with love. I can't wait to have another little one to share all this love with!

Anonymous said...

Great video. So sweet. Hope you had a great day and that you get to have a date night when he gets back.