Friday, February 4, 2011

Baby Faces and Good Food!

The other night my boys were feeling pretty crummy and one was still napping at dinnertime while the other went to bed for the night at 5. I don't think that I have had an "evening" or part of an evening to myself in several months! So what did I do? I made a DELICIOUS meal from scratch. Something I have done a handful of times since Mike left, whereas before it would be mostly every night (because I wasn't the only one eating it:-).

It was sooo good and so fun to cook something up again. I made Sage and Apple Pork Chops. Super easy and super good! Just wanted to share the meal with ya'll. I am so excited to cook again (for real:-)

Now the fun stuff!! On Monday I had a growth scan for the little babe in the belly. It was super quick and everything looks good! They said the baby weighed 4lbs 7oz but I know that is give or take 1 whole lb. I think the US tech messed up with saying the gender even though she knew we didn't want to find out. So I called her out on it and she said she didn't even look, but always refers to the baby as that gender. Who knows right? Maybe she is telling the truth, maybe not. But no matter what it still will be a surprise and the boy/girl will be perfect for our family!

Pretty good profile shot with the hand above the wonder I feel all these punches down there...OOOOHHH yeah...the head is down so my feelings of a breach baby was wrong!!

This is looking up the nose at the bottom part of the face.

Front face view...straight on. I thought this one was so cool because you can literally see the eyeball! So crazy!! The baby definitely looks like a Morris baby! Round chin and round face:-) I only have 7 more weeks left!!



Casey Martinez said...

I just wish you would have posted a crotch shot...of the, that still sounded wayyyyy wrong. I am DYING to know what you are having. How do you get through a day with the anticipation???? hehe. Okay, that was totally awkward.

Moving on. I love the baby face picture!! That is a great ultrasound shot! I want that recipe. It sounds delicious. You said it was easy?? ;0

Sarah Halstead said...

That is crazy that she would say that. Well I can't wait to find out what the newest Morris baby will be. Cute photos.

That dinner looks delicious!

Price Photography and Designs said...

I'm so excited for you guys. And the tech totally could be telling the truth, so I wouldn't dwell on it too much. I'm with Casey, i'm just dying to know.

Emily said...

1. that meal looks A M A Z I N G

2. isn't amazing to have a night to yourself?

3. only 7 weeks left? WOW!

The Stachurskis said...

Free time is amazing! That dinner looks incredible. You have to share the recipe! :) Yummmmmy! Don't worry about the tech, she could have just said it because it was her last US. I dunno, I better not to think about it. I can't believe on 7 more weeks! SO excited! I can't wait to find out what you are having! The pictures are amazing by the way. Love the last one! So clear.