Sunday, October 17, 2010

Musical Monday

For some reason this weekend has been a tough one, but also healing at the same time. I am so grateful that I was able to go through it with my best friend/husband even though he is so far away.

Back when the war first started in 2003 there were several songs that were associated with the soldiers. And yes, I was that girlfriend and then fiance who clung to those lyrics and cried to them every night. Not much has changed since then:-) Three Doors Down had a couple of great tunes, but the one that sticks to my heart this Monday is "Here without You".

Growing up in MN I NEVER expected to meet and fall in love with a military man. I many bases are in MN? I think just one reserve base...not sure. The point is, is that no guy that I knew growing up was joining the military and so I had never seen or witnessed a long distance military relationship. I don't think when my heart fell head over heels for Mike, it really knew what it was getting us into. However, God had a plan and equipped me throughout my life leading up to that point to be able to handle the stress and craziness of a long-distance, no communication during war, crazy in love relationship. I know for a fact though, that I wouldn't have made it, and our relationship wouldn't have made it if it weren't for the kind of man Mike was/is. He was so reassuring in every phone call, full of love and missing you's, encouraging and also loved me for who I was. Which is HUGE:-)

Just this weekend I told him that I would go through hundreds of deployments just to share this life with him. I wouldn't want anyone different even if they were able to see me every day of my life. I am sure most of you gals who have hubbies that aren't military or that don't go away for long periods of time wish that your spouse may deploy for a bit just to get some time away. That is opposite for me...there will never be a time where I am tired of Mike...every day with him (here or over seas) is a gift:-)

I think the longest we went being apart was for about 8 or 9 months...which isn't that bad! I know some guys deploy for a year and I pray God gives their relationships strength and love beyond all others. We have been very fortunate in our lives together to be able to see each other either in person every couple of months, or over the internet. God has been good! I love the passion we had in the beginning of our relationship and I love to see how it has continued and gotten even stronger and deeper. I could go on and on about separation, but dwelling on it has never done any good for us. We are just so excited and grateful to one day run into each other's arms once again:-) Love you babe, thank you for the exciting and fun early parts of our relationship...for making me have goosebumps every time you called (and also made my roomates roll their eyes), and for sticking by me. Thank you for the days we have now; sharing our children's joys, helping each other cope with the same separations, and for letting me fall more and more in love with you...oh tears...they come so easily these pregnant days! ha! Seriously, if you only knew deep my love is for you

I am going to post this, but I plan getting some really old pictures up later today! Got some good ones from the good old days:-0


Mike said...

Thank you for this angel, it was exactly what I needed!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

oh, what a sweet post! You are such a darling thing and I am so glad that I found your blog.

Praying for you and your kids and yoru precious fella! God is GOOD!

The Kincaid Family said...

We love that song, and its one of those that we treasured during deployments too! Sorry this weekend was a rough one for you, but glad you were able to "lean" on Mike through it. Praying for you guys!

Casey Martinez said...

OH man, there goes that lump in my throat again. It's like watching a really beautiful and heavy movie on Lifetime. Sigh. You carry such a brave face so much of the time Elissa and you chug along even when you are lonely, sad, exhausted etc. God give you strength, peace, patience and endurance to keep pressing on and I pray this deployment moves along steadily in Jesus name!

Cherie Bond said...

Oh Elissa, I know what you mean...what a heartfelt post that expresses so much. You are a blessing and so strong. Loved the pictures of the kids too and glad you have some company to help out and break things up. Adult conversation and an extra helping hand makes such a difference when you're so used to doing it all alone. Thinking of you...