Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Tunes

Just for this week I changed the day of Musical Monday to Tuesday Tunes due to being so extremely busy and having a visitor until last night. The hubs already knew about the delay:-) So next week I will be back on Mondays.

I had fun with this song. I actually couldn't remember what it was called or who sang it for the life of me! My sister who is a country song lover tried to help me. I wasn't very helpful when asking her about the song because my clues were so vague. I called her around 9 one night and we were talking till midnight trying to figure it out. I finally saw what it was when I was searching around...Emerson Drive "Fall into Me".

This song meant a lot to me while I was in college right before getting married. The first verse really didn't apply to us during that part of our relationship we weren't scared anymore to be in love and getting ready to be married. The chorus was a fun song to drive with the windows down and many of the lyrics were encouraging to me while we prepared for this crazy adventure ahead of us. Who knew that I would have lived in 3 different states within 10 years after high school. Who knew the love that would grow from two people, and the beautiful children that would be given to us.

It also spoke as me as if I were talking to Mike " right here waiting, staying strong, come and fall into me". As hard as military life can be and being separated, I needed Mike to know that I wasn't going anywhere, and that I would follow him where he would go, trust and believe in him, and that I would be waiting for him until he returns. Being able to wait for a loved one can be hard yet so rewarding at the same time. Knowing that I have my true love, and yes we have to be apart, but I don't have to keep searching for that special person. I get to have a "honeymoon" after every separation: learning to live together again, having that person there when you wake up, cooking for them, and well...having those first "moments" with them all over again (wink wink).

Anyways, this song was a fun one I enjoyed listening to as I was preparing to be a wife and join military life. Nice and catchy!!

Oh yeah...I know I said I was going to get some pictures up last week, and I didn't. But this time I got out the old photo albums and scanned in some oldies...enjoy!

The very top on the beach is the first time I ever set foot on the infamous California Beaches...

The second one is the Christmas we got engaged. I made Mike dress up in his Dress Blues and walk around the Mall of America...haha! Ask him about that someday! (2003)

The top one here is in my dorm room on one of his visits. I think he only visited once...maybe twice. (2003)

The bottom one again is the Christmas we got engaged...(love the MN pale skin ...yuck!) Such a handsome man! I do have to say that He has become more good looking as we get older!


Sarah Halstead said...

I love the old pictures. I really like that song too.

Mike said...

Hey angel,
What a post! Those pictures sure do bring back memories. I remember how awkward it felt to walk around an all girls dorm looking for you. I couldn't wait to come get you though. My parents almost made me wait until the next day but there was no way! I love you and miss you. Can't wait to see next weeks post.

The Kincaid Family said...

How interesting that thats the song you chose this week! I heard it on the radio (haven't heard it in forever) last week and remembered you telling me about it way back when when we lived in Camarillo, talking about memories from when you were in College :)!

The Stachurskis said...

Great song and great memories to share! You are so inspirational in your posts. It's so true about having the "honeymoon" stage everytime they come home. It's very bittersweet.