Monday, October 4, 2010

Musical Monday

This past week has been rainy and very gloomy. Most know that I don't do very well when the sun isn't shinning, but I feel that I held up pretty well! I do have to say that as we hit the one month mark and started a new month I was excited but also very lonely. I have been thinking a lot about when Mike and I first met. That always brings me a deep sense of joy because I have the love of my life and I enjoy remembering and seeing how God worked in our lives. I would have to say that Mike's memory of when we first met and started hanging out is a bit better than mine. You see, it unfortunately took me a little longer to realize he was the one, than for him to see that he wanted to marry me. Therefore all those little moments that I would normally notice in the beginning of a relationship, weren't that clear for me. goes a little story!

Nine years ago this November, Mike moved from sunny CA to snowy MN. We first crossed paths in my home church's youth group. The Lord had been working a lot in my life that Senior Year of high school, as I was trying to rid myself of an old toxic boyfriend and straighten my path. Because I felt that our youth group was somewhat falling apart I decided to try and be extra friendly this one sunday morning. I had on one of my favorite coats...lovely shade of brown. I don't remember if I was already sitting down, or if I went and sat down at the same table Mike was at, but our good friend and leader Michelle was sitting there too. I was giving out some senior pictures and felt bad not giving Mike one...even though I had never met him, so I gave him one! My info may or may not have been on the back. So that was when we first met...I know, nothing special, but I have learned since then that Mike hated the brown coat I was wearing and I am so glad that he looked past it to me and was still interested. I also learned that he went to his neighbor (who invited him to the church and knew our family) and asked for my phone turn they gave him my address and everything! hehe...joys of first love!

Some great memories of this song...I think the first time we ever drove together in a car was in my red cavalier. He was bummed since he couldn't show off his fast driving skills:-) However, he did bring his whole stash of CD's...including this Incubus CD. Echo was one of the first songs he played trying to woo me...which worked:-) You remember in high school how you had "a song" with your significant other...well, this was it. We play it often as the years have gone on and fondly remember the love and excitement we had for each other. We also play it during special times, when we miss each other, and just for fun. I love you my dear husband and I miss you terribly...come home so I can hold your hand and sit in the middle seat with the heat up, windows down, cruising the town:-)

Now this one brought some tears


Casey Martinez said...

OH sweet Elissa these Musical Mondays but my heart in a cramp and I'm not even your hubby:). I know this will bless Mike and I hope that the next 5 months keep racing right on by Lord willing. Thanks for sharing this story. Mike hated your coat?? Sounds like the shoes I had..pointy toed dressy heels that reminded Joey of a witch..thanks Joey. lol:) Our hubby's are the best aren't they!

Casey Martinez said...

that was supposed to be..put my heart..not but my heart. sheesh

Laura said...

I'm with Casey! I get all choked up reminiscing through your years with Mike with you, thank you for giving us all this beautiful glimpse into your lives and your love for one another!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana said...

enjoyed this post elissa!

praying that your little one is better - my granddaughter had the same thing this weekend and is finally getting well!

I noticed your name on your photographs is Elissa Beth. My middle daughter is Melissa Beth and I thought that was neat!

Mike said...

Beautiful Love. There is nothing like the original. I am so appreciative of these, I really look forward to Mondays now. I miss you and I can't wait to see you waiting inside those glass doors again.