Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Visitors and More

Talk about picture overload! Sorry about all the photos, fuzzy and clear, I thought it was about time to update and I had to be quiet during naptime:-) We had my sister Kelly, visit for a weekend when she had some time off from work. She was my first official visitor and was very welcomed! The boys were excited to have someone else in the house and she sure filled the role of the spoiling Auntie. Iron Man toy after Transformer toy...those boys are set! We spent time at home, went to a pumpkin patch and even got yummy PF Changs (for the baby you know). Logan has been asking frequently for her and luckily I can tell him that she is coming back in a few weeks! Her and my other sister will be visiting for a weekend in November. So great!

Sorry about the blur, they were running around and I was trying to hard to get Austin's happy face! She wrestled with them so much and it made their day!

Logan being upside down and loving it.

Auntie Kelly and Austin...she took so much care of him! It was so nice to have some one just help with the every day things like buckling in a child, wiping down a table and great conversation!

Onto Logan's swimming lessons...I decided to bring my Nikon last week and I was glad because instead of about 5 kids in the class it was only him and one other girl. He got a lot of swim time and jumping into the pool time. Not sure he will remember what he learned during these lessons, but it has sure made him more comfortable in the water. He enjoys his goggles now and will even put his head under water long enough to look around. Last week he tried to swim with his head under water...the only problem is, is that he doesn't shut his mouth. I can't imagine all the water he swallows!
Playing around while waiting his turn...he should be at the wall with one hand touching it.

Getting his "scoops" on. The front crawl or doggie paddle. Basic swimming. Pretty neat idea of putting the noodle around him!

All by himself!!

Caught him during a big jump...if you look closely at his face you will see he is a bit scared:-) And he is taking a deep breath in...hopefully he closes his mouth before he hits the water!

Our next visitor is my mom who gets in tonight. I am so stoked for her to be here and I know Logan is looking forward to it too. Again, it will just be so nice to have company and conversation. She will get to go to my baby appointment tomorrow which will be fun!

Here are just some random pictures:

Austin getting in to the fridge. Luckily he can't pull the handles yet, but with the way he tries, it will be soon!

He has some great faces!

Big smile face

One of his infamous faces...eyebrows up, eyes to the side..."whatcha gonna do about it" look.

Logan found this new thing to do. I don't even know why I have toys. Austin likes to climb in the kitchen chair and then get down and do it all over. Then Logan likes to use string to make "spider-webs" and "machines" with the gate. Well...what ever keeps them happy!

"mom! look at this!"

Creating something special.

We were outside playing last night and I asked Logan to write his name. I had to tell him the letters to write, but he did it himself! I added the red letters so you could know what each letter is. I was pretty proud of him!



The Kincaid Family said...

I just want to eat these boys up. Seriously I do. Could they BE any cuter?! Love that eyebrows/sideways glance look Austin has and I love the one of Logan jumping in the pool! By how high and far out he was jumping you couldn't tell he ws scared, just by his face, but he went all in!! Love these kiddos!

Cherie Bond said...

Austin looks like he could belong in our family with all that white-blond hair! Love it! And Logan, what a gentleman! Can't believe he was so tiny the last time I saw him...

Casey Martinez said...

when did logan learn to write letters? I'm so proud too!! Love the cute faces Austin made in these pictures and so glad you had a great time with your sister. I'm telling you..being away from family is soooooo stinking hard. So glad we get to see them as much as we do. Logan is looking so cute in his goggles and what a big boy to jump like that!

Mike said...

I can't wait to go to swim lessons with Logan. I loved the picture of Austin getting in the fridge and making a face. What a cutie hon!

Molly said...

Love the swimming pictures. I can't wait until we don't have to be in the water with Jack, hopefully starting in January. What a BIG boy writing his own name. I can't wait to see you guys in December. Enjoy your time with your mama!