Monday, September 13, 2010

12 weeks and updates!

A few more days and I will be in the 2nd tri of this little one's pregnancy! I was 12 weeks last Friday. I can't believe it, but I am also grateful for it:-) I do have a belly that I see every day when I look down, even though I had nothing with my other two boys at this week. It can be hard to see something already, but I know it is just my body already adjusting to the little one inside. Plus, I haven't stopped eating! The only way my nausea is curbed this time around is by eating. Luckily I have been craving fruit, so I only get the salty things every once and a while. Although, I did turn a healthy snack...triscuits into an unhealthy one by adding squeeze cheese:-) I have been refraining from that as much as possible because my youngest is also addicted! The nausea is mainly in the afternoon lasting until bed time and as progressively gotten less and less severe. I am grateful it isn't all day anymore! I have gained about 4-ish lbs so far, which I am happy with (could be more on some days), so that is what I attribute my belly to:-) I got to see the little one in a quick ultrasound this past friday, and I am always amazed at God when I see that little one's feet and hands moving around so quickly. It is just so perfect and detailed how we are created, and people say there is no God! HA!

Logan continues to wrestle with me and does have to be reminded of the baby in the belly. I ask him what he thinks it will be, boy or girl. And he says every time that it is a girl and then I have to remind him that he can't wrestle with her like he does Austin...then he thinks twice and says "we don't hurt girls". I love, LOVE the things that come out of his mouth lately! We will all find out what it is in 7 months!

Some other family updates: Mike is doing well, staying busy with lots of work. That is a nice change for him since he thought he would be bored. Gets up, works and then goes to bed. Wish it was that fast for us! No, it has been good here. Thank you to all with the encouraging words, prayers, and thoughts! Every word has special meaning to me and helps me smile and keep going every day. Thank you!
Logan and Austin have been doing better without Mike. We get to see him every couple of days on skype or talk on the phone. I made a "shrine" to Mike for the boys with a ton of pictures laminated and posted near their play area. They also have a picture of Mike's scanned hand and fist near the door so that they can give Daddy a high-5 when ever we leave or come home. Logan has been acting out a bit more than he used to, so it has been trying to keep my cool and disciplining/training him. I want to let him have the excuse of having Dad away, but this behavior shouldn't be a continued thing, so I am working on it with him. The way I see it, even if Mike was here, Logan needs to respect and listen to me as a parent. This way, I am the only one and Mike isn't coming into the situation like normal to help me out. Both ways are good because both of us parent him, but like I said, Logan needs to obey just me alone. Austin showed some signs of separation anxiety during bedtime and for the first week had a hard time going to sleep, Mike always knew how to lay him down just right to get him to fall asleep. Austin also loves to see Mike's pictures on the wall and constantly gives them kisses.

Despite the hard times, these boys are the loves of my life! I just sit and stare at their prefect faces. The soft smooth skin, chubby cheeks and sweet lips. I am just so in love with how wonderfully made they are! Logan says hilarious things, ideas, and phrases that just blow me away! Austin is talking more and signing more. I love when I ask him to say a word he doesn't know how to sign (but to say it) and he just moves his hands around making up a sign. So funny! Well, I could go on and on with how amazing they are, and I will share more and more lovely things they do later...but it is nap time, which time!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are having a girl. :D So you are going to wait to find out? That would be so hard for me. I love your little baby belly. So cute!

Casey Martinez said...

love seeing your cute belly:) I'm wondering if you are having a girl only because you are hungry all the time like I was and it was the only thing that made me feel better..but, I don't want to get you set on the wrong thing..after all we did all those tests at your house and I was supposed to have a boy so I guess we'll know when you birth your kiddo:) hehe. Hugs to you today!

Ben and Melissa said...

Ah your belly looks just like mine... but I am not pregnant! HA! Actually, I probably look like I am showing more than you are! :) We are so happy for you guys and excited that you are waiting to find out the sex too. Surprises are great fun! Hope you are doing well Elissa! We are due a phone call someday soon! Love, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Your pregnant belly is adorable! I love the idea of having the photos - especially the one by the door to give Daddy a high 5. That's so touching and such a great idea for them!!

Genny said...

You look great, and you sound like a wonderful mama!

Congratulations on your pregnancy. :)