Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Swimming Logan

Last Saturday my little man Logan grew up a bit. I signed him up for some swimming lessons for the first time. It is a class for 3-5 yr olds and no parents! I was glad when I saw he was one of 2 kids, however the other was a 5 year old. The parents of older kids out there sure know that is a big difference! Logan hasn't really had to follow direction from a teacher before, listen to rules, and wait his turn in a class. I didn't realize that I was actually nervous about all THAT until we got there. I reassured him that he is a big tough guy and he can do it! Not to be afraid and trust the teacher. I was glad it was a male teacher because Logan has always responded better to a man teaching him (dad or someone else).
So Logan jumped in the water (mind you, I have never seen this kid so excited!) and wanted to get out and jump again. It was then I realized he thought he was there to play and jump in! Poor kid:-( It took all of me to sit at the bleachers and let him get taught by the teacher and not have me interrupt and try and take over. Maybe it was a growing up experience for me! He did real good as the instructor taught him different strokes and by the end of the lessen he was listening pretty well. Still something we need to work on though! At one point he started walking towards the deeper end not realizing he wouldn't be able to touch soon and nearly everyone (plus me) started to get anxious and call him back. That was the only time I said anything to him!
We are only doing this once a week, but it will last for almost 2 months. It is a good pass time for the weekends and hopefully teach him some good swimming skills and listening skills.

I only brought my Point and Shoot...they turned out ok!

Logan ready to go!

Kicking away!

Waiting his turn.


Molly said...

What a big boy. I bet it would be so hard to just sit and watch, but at the same time it's nice you aren't required in the pool because you've got Austin!

I get tears in my eyes watching Jack have so much fun at swimming lessons. And my face hurts from smiling so much. This is so great E!

Jess Craig said...

how awesome! you must be proud!

Sarah Halstead said...

Such a big boy! He did better then Dustyn would have. I should sign Dustyn up when he turns 3 maybe. Was this at a YMCA or REC Center?

Casey Martinez said...

oh my gosh I got warm fuzzies looking at Logan swimming in the big pool and taking lessons. Your little man is growing so fast Elissa...I'm feeling nostalgic today...or maybe that feeling is that I'm getting old?? :)