Wednesday, September 15, 2010

DIY Fall Wreath

So this wreath has gotten many compliments, but I can't accept them because it wasn't my idea! I copied it out of a magazine:-) I tried to find the exact magazine it was in, but I must have thrown it out already. More than likely it was a Better Homes and Gardens DIY.

Basically, if you have a craft store like Michaels, or AC Moore around (even Joann's might have it) you will find all your supplies there. In the magazine they used a brown/paper mache letter (looks like cardboard or paper bag material). My Michaels didn't have that kind of letter so I bought a large rectangle styrofoam. Then I cut traced or drew an M, which wasn't a perfect shape at all. It doesn't have to be due to the leaves covering it. Then cut it out using a utility knife (usually the hubby has one). The leaves I also bought at Michaels in small packages. With it being the fall, they are loaded with fake leaves:-) They had packages of mainly red, mainly yellow and orange. I decided to mix mine up.

I then painted it with some brown acrylic paint (I am sure any kind will do) because the white would have shown through in the cracks of the leaves. If you have the paper mache letter you probably won't have to paint it unless you want to. Here you can see a part that I didn't cover with leaves.

I bought some dressing pins and I pinned the leaves on. I tried to put the pins behind other leaves so you didn't see the pin heads. It was kinda tricky and worked out pretty well. You can hardly see them unless you look for it. If you got the paper mache letter, use a hot glue gun, or some really good glue to paste the leaves on. I would have much rather done this due to the looks. DO NOT hot glue on the will melt.

I had also bought those small bunch of flowers and stuck them down through the leaves and pinned around it. The magazine didn't have that, so add your own personal touch to it!

You can hang it on your door, or where ever. I did mine on the siding next to my door since my large door is usually open with only the storm door closed. Do you like it on the siding, or does it look too lonely and weird? I am not sure about it yet. I used the 3M hooks and it stayed just fine!


Laura said...

Thanks buddy :)! I have to take my notary test in Chico on Friday so I am going to try and pick up the supplies then :)

Big Fat Mama said...

Oh, I LOVE this! I've never seen this before. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jhen.Stark said...

I love this idea... I want one... but poo, no house or apt to hang it in... maybe I'll make one for next fall!