Monday, September 20, 2010

Musical Monday

Today's song is a fun one. This past year Mike and I have fallen in love with the group NeedtoBreathe. We even managed to go to one of their concerts here in VA! There songs have such depth and love for the Lord that it is hard to not sing them at the top of your lungs. We really only know their most recent album, but enjoy hearing their older songs. It was hard for me to pick just one song to share with you this week (I am sure you will hear many more of theirs to come) but this one stands out for our family.

Being a military family has proven to be one of the best ways that I can show love to others. It has made me aware of the hardships that everyone has to go through. Separation, death, loneliness, trials, and temptations are just a few of the crazy things that we have dealt with. Some may wonder, why do we put our family through the sacrifices, and how can a Dad leave his kids for so long, etc. We know that with any job there will be sacrifices and unfortunate times. Many don't agree with what the military does or is doing in the world, but I think they are one of the many groups of people with the incredible integrity. They do a job that no one else wants to, they do it willingly and with pride, and they get it done to the best of their ability. I am so glad that my boys get to see their Dad be a part of a group that has such great character. I know my husband is probably laughing at this right now because of course not every person has this kind of integrity no matter the job, but come on know that these men are your brothers and are unlike any other!

We know that God has called us to this life, to be a light in the darkness and even though it is hazardous at times (in many different aspects) we won't turn back. This is a catchy tune and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed singing it out loud in the car!

sorry this isn't a better version...I think it is great, hopefully you can hear the lyrics!


Jessica said...

My cousin just joined the military. Your photos are all so pretty, and look so clean and orderly. I love your blog design as well!

Mike said...

Thank you angel, just got done listening to the song. I miss you terribly.

Ashley Sisk said...

These photos are wonderful. I'll have to come back and listen to the song. Hope you're having a great night.

Sarah Halstead said...

Great photos. Thanks for sharing that song.

Carol said...

The photo of the salute with baby in his arms reduces me to tears. Dedication and a commitment to excellence - that defines the military to me. I'm so appreciative of the men & women that make daily sacrifices for our country.

Great photos.
(I'll have to listen when I'm not at work)