Sunday, September 5, 2010

Musical Monday

This is something new I am doing mainly for my hubby overseas. On our last deployment the sweet man bought me flowers every two weeks, and now this time (to save money also) he is doing another romantic deed for me. Every week I get a video message on my computer with a hint to a romantic note hidden somewhere in the house! I can't believe that he has hidden 26 cards around the house and I haven't found them yet! So, because I have been slacking in the romance I knew I had to do something! So I came up with this musical monday. There are so many songs that my husband and I have a story behind or connection, and I will tribute 26 songs to my man every monday with a little story and picture. If this bores you then I am sorry you can just skip my Monday blogs, because this is for my love!

The first song is: Dig, by Incubus.

This song is important to us from when we lived in FL. We had many dive trips to the local springs. Such a beautiful place with so many great memories. Our first son spent many weekends at the springs, crawling in the sand and swimming in the water. We would blast this song with the windows down on the drives. ALSO, whenever my older son was little, 4 months to a year, and would start crying in the car seat, we would turn this song on and he would quiet down so fast! Comfort to us all:-) The lyrics also "dig" at us as it talks about two people who rely on each other no matter what the situation and no matter what is left in this world. A love and passion that we have! Enjoy the song playing on the blog:-)

Mike and his friends at Morrison Springs

Logan and Daddy at Morrison Springs (2007)

Ginnie Springs (2007)

Canoe Trip at Morrison Springs

I hesitated to post this one because I am very self conscious about the baby weight I had on me, but I didn't think it fair to not post a pic of our family at the time. Canoeing at Cypress Springs! (2007)

Does anyone else have memories tied to this song? Please share some songs that have meaning to you! Check next week for another Musical Monday:-) I love you hubby!!


Sarah Halstead said...

This is so sweet. Thanks for sharing a little bit of you. I love learning more about y'all. Great pictures too! Hope you have a great Labor Day. We are heading to the aquarium.

Casey Martinez said...

I love that you and Mike keep things romantic even in the distance and it's a great reminder to lots of folks to do special things for the person they love. This was a really sweet post Elissa and pish posh, preggo weight?? You looked great mamas and that is the truth!

Molly said...

love love love love this idea!

Big Fat Mama said...

What a great idea! And baby fat??? No look great!!

Praying for God to just be with you tonight as you miss your husband and that God's protection is over both of you.

Becca said...

I think this is a lovely post and lovely idea! It's a wonderful way to share your love of family through your on line journal.

adriel, from the mommyhood memos said...

26 notes?! wow, your hubby is amazing!! i can't imagine how hard it would be to be separated for that long. we've been apart for three weeks a few times and, wow, it's tough. especially now that we have a child. of course we can manage without each other... but we miss each other like crazy. anyway, i hope you're adjusting ok. thanks for finding me on the memos. i look forward to connecting more. oh, and by the way, i LOVE that shot of your hubs and your bub next to him in the little floaty. gorgeous!