Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which one do you like?

There are some GORGEOUS trees around here blooming these awesome pink/white flowers. I don't think they are cherry blossoms because they are huge, but I sure had fun with my Macro! Here are some shots I got and played with the editing...which one do you like?

May favs are the top left and bottom left.

These are just so SOOC macro shots of the inside of the blooming flowers...perhaps some editing tips?



Casey Martinez said...

I like them all but, top left is my fave because of the soft, light, dreamy feel to the edit. Would be a beautiful picture to print and hang on your it, do it;0. I don't have editing tips for you only because everyone's style is different yah know. I like things really light and bright or soft depending on my mood but, I always love when people do different things. I really want to dabble in textures cuz they look so pretty on flower shots!

Price Photography and Designs said...

I like the top right. Shooting with a macro lens can be very tricky. Make sure you watch where you're focusing and if you have shaky hands like me, it might be better to use a tri pod. The bottom ones of the inside of the flowe are awesome! Try playing with curves...if you want more details and help, let me know. I can also reccomned some great books if you'd like. But I agree with casey, try a texture. I think a texture would look really cool on the bottom pictures. If you need help with that also, let me know. Plus, did you know that you can make your own could get some really cool ones with your macro lens. :-)

Rod Markin said...

E - I agree with you - top left and bottom left. We must have the same eye!!

Molly said...

I like the top right - but I'm a less is more type of girl when it comes to editing :-)

Sarah Halstead said...

Gorgeous photos. I love them. I want a macro lens so badly.