Thursday, March 3, 2011

Soccer Mom and other updates

Dare I say that I am a Soccer Mom? When did this HAPPEN? HOW did this happen? My baby is only 4 (in a few short weeks he will turn 4) and I am already one of those moms. Not sure how I really feel about it...good or bad. As we (the whole family) were on the way to his first soccer practice I kinda realized, whoa...he is so young and we are starting this toting around now? I want to balance my kids out, have fun things for them to do, and become well rounded. I know that being on a sports team will build confidence, help with listening to authority, social skills, and not to mention sport skills...but in the long run, was this a tad too early to start him on this adventure? Mike and I decided that it may have been a rushed idea, and we will see how the "season" (a few months) goes and probably hold off for a little while. Our kiddos get lots of play time and we want most of the guiding and training for their little minds and hearts to come from us parents...not coaches or team-mates...which there is NOTHING wrong with that. I know that many coaches and team-mates can be wonderful mentors and I am looking forward to them having that in the future:-)

Besides all those thoughts, it was a BLAST to watch Logan participate in the shortest practice ever, run his little legs all around, and probably fall in love with soccer.

His first cleats and shin guards

My grown up boy. Scar above his left eye and a bruised right eye from bonking heads with another kid at church. True boy

Running around at practice

Not soo good with long distance photography...sorry he is blurred!

Can you find him? The coaches were trying to teach the kids what part of their bodies they use in soccer, so he was having them stop the ball with different parts of the body. Here it was their hands...he even had them try head and bum...pretty funny!

Life is going well here at the Morris house...Dad's work schedule is kinda crazy as he is helping the other groups adjust to being home or leaving. We have actually had him home quite a lot, so that is nice. I have been incredibly tired the past few that groggy sleepiness from the 1st trimester stuff. My belly feels low, so not sure if I have dropped, but I am still getting awful heartburn at night. No food after 7 for me! I had a baby appointment a few days ago and baby is good, heart rate in the 140's-150's, positioned head down. The movements have been slow the past few days so I am assuming a little growth spurt along with lack of room. Weight gain has been good for me, less than 30lbs, but these last few weeks I could honestly care less as I just want to eat enough to not feel hungry and not get heartburn! HA!

The boys are growing up fast. Not sure if I have mentioned, but we got bunk beds for the little daredevils! I will have to get photos up of that soon...once their room looks decent:-) Logan has impressed me as a mom so much since Mike has come home. I love to watch how Mike inspires and encourages Logan to try new things and how much trust Logan has in Mike. He has already done so many new things that I would have never thought to try or help him learn. I love it! Austin right now is sick...cold/fever/cough sick. Not sure where he got it, but he just looks miserable. You know, the sick eyes. But he is still a hilarious little dude as I think the fever reducer medication makes him a little loopy as he just talks up a storm about things that make no sense! One cool thing is that he has had a little interest in the potty! He has gone poop/pee on it at least once a day for the past several days! He enjoys flushing it down the toilet and the little dance he gets from Mom or Dad. We aren't doing any rewards right now because he isn't fighting us to sit on the toilet. The only thing is, is that he doesn't ask to sit on it, we always have to prompt him, so in reality he is just getting comfortable with the toilet and it will be a while before he actually tells us. Still a new step!

ummm...what else...not much! I will try and get some more fun pictures up as we start up our garden again, rearrange the house getting ready for baby#3, and just plain have fun!

Thanks for everyone's guesses about the baby...I am so stoked to see who wins! I hope this baby is as small as everyone thinks it will be for my sake:-)



Price Photography and Designs said...

hey elissa, I was wondering if there was any way I could edit my guess? Love the pics of Logan.

Casey Martinez said...

seeing these soccer pictures make me happy! IT is so neat to see how handsome and grown up Logan is now! He is so adorable! Sorry that your AUstin is sick too. IT is no fun when the kiddos are sick but, I agree about the loopy medicine! lol.