Monday, March 14, 2011

First Soccer Game

This past Saturday, a beautiful God given day, was Logan's first Soccer game. I unfortunately did not attend as I was getting ready for his Birthday party (pictures to come) and making sure Austin napped. However, Mike did a great job capturing those first moments! Not much to report on, I think the game went a little hour...even though there were many breaks. But still, one hour is quite a long time for kids at that age to do that. He supposedly scored twice...YEAH!! But he did end up crying toward the end of the game. Not sure what started it, either a collision with another kid, or just being overwhelmed with the situation. We shall see how the next game goes next saturday! Here are a few shots of Logan in action:-)



Casey Martinez said...

Good job to mike for capturing this special occasion!! A first soccer game. So neat and fun. I agree, an hour is too long...poor kids must have been exhausted and bored by the end huh. I'd love to watch him play someday;0.

Jillian said...

Love the pictures!! (next time video!)
i love the last picture of the kid pushing the other! haha!
love you!