Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Logan's Transformation/Super Hero Birthday Party!

Little did I know how much my "baby" would love Super Heros, Action figures and Transformers. It is quite hilarious to watch him be a boy sometimes...just today I saw him "hunting" around the house with one eye shut holding his gun and bending his knees. THEN I saw Austin copy him...so much fun:-)

We decided to do a Birthday Party for Logan this year since he hasn't had one yet (just a large family one when he turned one). When asked about a theme for his party he couldn't decided between Transformers or Super Heros. Since he is always dressing up in his costumes, I thought it would be fun for the other kids to dress up too. I refused to have it at my house with kids of this age, plus our house just isn't big enough for 15 kids plus parents. We found a great park where the playground wasn't too scary for little kids, but large enough to run around on it and not get bored. The day couldn't have been more beautiful for us, 65 and sunny:-)

I wanted a low-key party with very little games or stress. The kids played for the majority of the two hours, with a pinata, cake, and presents squeezed in the middle. Logan had a blast having "all his friends" to play with:-)

Here is the invitation Mike and I created. Mike is very creative when it comes to wording and sayings.

The simple decorations set up at our park shelter, and the boys playing.

The Transformer cake. I wanted something written on it so I did it myself. I think it ruined it, but I love what it says (again Mike came up with it)


Family photo...I couldn't help but laugh at what Logan did by resting on my belly...HAHA! 38weeks!!

More playing and the pinata ...all the kids got a turn and then Logan pulled the strings and all the candy fell out!
I can't help it, but I think Austin is the cutest Buzz Lightyear there is! He kept his hat part of the costume on for the better part of it and looked so cute running around the playground:-)

I love my boys!

PS...update on Baby #3...totally had false labor yesterday and today. Last night I started having contractions and I was just feeling uncomfortable. I went to bed thinking either this will wake me up through the night or just go away. I was able to sleep through the night just fine, but as soon as I woke up I was doubled over in cramp/back pain and contractions. I even had some other symptoms, but not sure you would want that much information:-) All I wanted to do was lay back in bed, so I called Mike and told him to come home from work. I thought to myself, if this is it, then I better get ready! So I crawled in the shower and started to get ready while Mike got the boys ready. I figured with this being my third, the labor would go fairly quickly. While I was in the shower the contractions were coming every 3-4 minutes. After I got out and got dressed, things started to calm down and the cramping faded. About two hours after that the contractions were irregular and more than 10 minutes apart. SO FRUSTRATING! I didn't have false labor with either of the boys and didn't go "naturally" with them...both of them were from membrane stripping so I expected labor. We went for a walk today and I had more contractions, but they aren't going anywhere. sssiiigggghhhhhh. I have an appointment tomorrow so we will see what they say!


Molly said...

What a fun birthday party idea. SO wish we lived closer. I love that family photo - probably the last one before the new bambino, huh? How long does Mike plan on keeping the stache? :-)

False labor might be the worse thing in the world. Definitely had that with Finn. You better text me or have Mike text me when it's the real deal. Love you girl.

Emily said...

What a great birthday party! I think the cake looked great! I know I don't have to tell you, but it's so good to see pictures of you all together again! :)

PS. tell that baby to stop teasing and make it's debut already!

Casey Martinez said...

I seriously think it is so creative that you had a costume party. Love that! These pictures are great. Looks like Logan had a blast! Austin looks so sweat in his buzz costume. Did he have a good time too? THe family picture is awesome..might be one of the last ones you get before baby number tres!! SOOOONNNN!

Price Photography and Designs said...

I agree that the cake doesn't look ruined...I thought it looked great. It looks like Logan had a great time. As for the false labor, I too never had braxton hicks with either one of my girls, but with Claire, I did have inconsitent contractions for a few days before the real thing began...as well as the other things you aren't mentioning. :-) So you never know, you could be going in in the next day or two. I can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the invitation. So cute. Looks like a great birthday.